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Many fragrances cross my desk in a day and I must resist running to the test kitchen to experiment. (Oh, the torture!) However, I don’t think I become truly acquainted with their blending potential. We have a lot of fragrance oils, so many I sometimes say “Oh yeah, I remember […]

Fragrance Blend Challenge

Up until recently every batch of soap that I have participated in making has been directed by someone else. I might weigh oils, prepare molds, swirl soap and/or provide feed back. I have never been the woman behind the immersion blender. (The COOLEST job ever! Hey, it is where all […]

New Soaper

While I’m sure you know that I’m the Coffee addict around here you probably didn’t know that Taylor is our Green Tea junkie. As we just recently released the Green Tea Butter, I had to make a body cream to give Taylor and our other tea junkies. I used the […]

Light Green Tea Latte Cream

Filling Heat and Seal Tea Bag with Tub Tea 9
In the heat of summer we all need a cool retreat. This tub tea is perfect for a cool dip in the bath tub. Ohh. Spa Time! Here is the equipment you will need for this recipe. Equipment Mixing Bowl Scale Spoon Iron Heat and Seal Tea Bags These are […]

Tub Tea

Finished Balm 7
This fantastic balm took awhile for some of us to describe. It is not notably oily or wet. It is a very waxy balm. When you first apply it on your skin, it feels smooth and creamy. As you continue to rub it in, your hand slips freely then is […]

Cocoa Butter Balm

The last two weeks have been very exciting with all the new product releases! I hope you are enjoying the new products because I know I am. Here is a little review of the new products released in the last two weeks! Green Tea Butter: If you are a green […]

More New Releases!

Finished Wool Wash 9
We all have hobbies, jobs or activities that make a mess of our clothes. Every soap, lip balm, lotion and scrub maker has spilled oils or other things. Unfortunately to get the stains out, we are spending a fortune in stain removers! Here is a wash you can put on […]

Wool Wash with Polysorbate

Recently, I was asked about making a high lanolin content soap that could be used as a wool wash bar for wool clothing. I’ve never made a high lanolin content soap before, so I decided this would be an opportune time for testing! After all, a single ounce is great […]

High Lanolin Content Soap

Shaving soaps make wonderful gifts to any one who owns a razor. This soap can be scented with any fragrance or essential oil that suits the recipient. If they aren’t too fond of strong scents, leave it unscented and the Chamomile Herbal Tea will give the soap a perfectly faint […]

Shaving Soap

Do you ever imagine your soap talks to you? I do. I’ve been told it is because I have a very active imagination, but every soap I make has its own voice. This soap says to me in a sophisticated tone of voice, “Absolute indulgence! Pamper your skin with my […]

Bountiful Butters Soap

Collecting Ingredients 1
This is a fabulous time to scrub and cool those tired feet and to get rid of callouses. In the summer time, I wear sandals or I go barefoot as much as possible. As a result, my feet become horribly rough and dry.  While a cream will help with the […]

Rosemary Mint Foot Scrub