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The last two weeks have been very exciting with all the new product releases! I hope you are enjoying the new products because I know I am.

Here is a little review of the new products released in the last two weeks!

Green Tea Butter: If you are a green tea addict, you will love our Green Tea Butter. This butter is a beautiful green color. Give in and indulge yourself or your customers with this amazing butter. If you still aren’t sure about this butter, watch our blog next week for a cream using this delightful butter.

Flower Power Soap Mold: Who doesn’t recognize the stylistic fonts and flowers of the 60s and 70s? Bring the power of flowers back with a bang by getting this soap mold. I can easily see a tie-dye soap made in this mold.

21 Fragrance Oil: This fragrance is fresh and sexy. When I first smelled this fragrance, I could have sworn that there was a hint of sparkling champagne in it. This is the sort of fragrance that is popular with the 20-30 crowd. Don’t let the name fool you. Even some of the teen testers loved this fragrance too!

Black Amethyst type Fragrance Oil: Fruity and sensual are two words I usually have a hard time putting in the same sentence, let alone a single fragrance. However, Black Amethyst pulls it off wonderfully. Lemon, bergamot and lavender are blended with peony, plum and pomegranate, with base notes of patchouly, sandalwood, amber, white musk and vanilla. The best thing about this fragrance is that you can make any product you desire at any time!

Freckles Fragrance Oil: This fragrance is a sugar rush with out the sugar consumption. If you like Cotton Candy or Pink Sugar, then try Freckles! Don’t miss out on this fragrance just because it seems to be for tweens, it is also for anyone who still sings childrens songs in the shower or in the car (the kids at heart).

Love Muffin Fragrance Oil: For those of you who love contradiction, this fragrance is for you! Partly baked cupcakes, partly comforting scents and partly sensual, this fragrance is a walking contradiction. I was very surprised when I smelled this fragrance for the first time. This fragrance is quickly becoming a staff favorite and I believe it will be yours too!

Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil: The Mardi Gras is well known around the world and many people travel to New Orleans just for the Mardi Gras celebration. Now you don’t have to travel to visit the party in New Orleans! This fragrance loves to be mystifying and hide behind its mask of confusion. Smell this fragrance and you will be hooked just like I am. Bring the party home to you!

Sake type Fragrance Oil: So many of you have been begging (that is right, begging) for us to duplicate Sake from Fresh. Well, we did it and we think you will love Sake. Fruity and floral combine to give you the best of both worlds.

Wink Fragrance Oil: If you have ever watch couples flirt (in real life or on tv) , you have probably noticed that the flirtation typically includes winks, light touches and friendly banter. Wink brings that flirtation to life and can be quite the confidence booster for any gal who just needs to smile and WINK!

Carlisle Fragrance Oil: Wow! This smells just like I imagine a man should smell like if he spends lots of time in the woods, but he has cleaned up well for work. Clean linen, amber, citrus, fresh air, musk and woods. Yum! I think this fragrance is delicious.

Esme Fragrance Oil: Do you remember receiving a hug from your mom and suddenly feeling safe and comforted? Esme reminds me of when I was a little girl and being hugged after I fell off my bike and skinned my knees. Light fruit with floral notes that make this fragrance sophisticated without being aloof.

Twilight Inspired Collection: We have released all of our Twilight Inspired fragrances and I’m excited to announce that the whole collection can be purchased as a single item with some great savings!

Next week, I expect we will be releasing a new scale to our catalog that will be an excellent starter scale.

If you have tried any of these new products, we would love to hear your opinion. Fill out our Contact Us form and send your opinions to our blog team. The best reviews will receive one of our new scales! I was told I could give away 4! Wow!

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Director of Happiness. I'm a thirty-something soap snob. I've grown up with handmade soaps, and I love them! I really like making lotions, soaps, and perfumes. I adore mixing scents to come up with something new. My favorite scent is either Wicked or Cotton Candy. I tend to hoard fragrances, I even have an Earl Grey Tea from the MMS catalog. I won't tell you how old it is, but it sure is good!

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2 thoughts on “More New Releases!

  • Zany

    Oh goodie! I need a new scale and I trust MMS’s standard for quality + value! I just ordered Black Amethyst, Freckles, Mardi Gras, Wink and Sake. Hopefully I’ll be soaping small batches this week and writing up my comments next week!


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  • Zany

    I sent my comments last week. I’m wondering if you got them? I haven’t heard anything back from you. Did I mess up some how? I used the “Contact Us” link.


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