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Sometimes, I float around the web looking at different blogs and read about what people are making. I stumbled across Erin’s blog post about her Eclipse themed party that she hosted for her friends and she used our Twilight Collection and kits for her party. Erin has kindly given me […]

Eclipse Party Hosted by Erin

Back at the beginning of December we received an e-mail from Crystal. It was such a great thing to read that I just had to share it with you! First, I’d like to say I have never been disappointed with any of your products or service. Due to a complicated […]

Orange Lip Balm

I’m sure every reader here has their own reasons for why they make soaps, lotions and other products. Allergies, sensitive skin, the desire for knowledge, a hobby, becoming a self-sustaining person, and many more reasons. While I haven’t even touched the surface of all the reasons, there is one reason […]

Soaps of the Past

On Monday I posted about holiday memories and traditions and I asked for other stories from our readers. Denny sent me this wonderful story and it pulled at my heart strings when I first read the story. Enjoy! I was just remembering last night (someone else’s story on TV reminded […]

Holiday Memories

Everyone has memories and stories of previous holidays that they enjoy sharing with others. I’m sure we all listen to the stories and think, “I couldn’t have done that!” or “I can’t believe they actually pulled it off!” When I sat down to write today, I wasn’t sure what to […]

Holiday Memories and Traditions

♫ Gift Certificates, Gift Certificates! Now is the time to order Gift Certificates! We are here, writing a rhyme, We’ll get your Gift Certificate out on time! Order Gift Certificates and have a wonderful holiday! Hey! ♫ Don’t forget, you can also make Money Roses as gifts too! Visit the […]

Gift Certificates!

As I mentioned back on November 12th, I have finally found my testing crock pot. During the time that has passed, I’ve been reading the Making Natural Liquid Soaps by Catherine Failor. Here are my thoughts and observations from the first chapter. Overall, the information from the first chapter of […]

Introduction to Liquid Soap Week, Day One

Recently, a bar of soap was sent in to our office and I just had to share a picture of this awe inspiring soap with you. Renee, of Tub-Time Treasures, made this batch of soap that was inspired from the Watermelon Soap that was shown on the blog back in […]

Missing Summer?