I set out yesterday to make soap, but what I made was a mess. Because this might help someone else, I’ll share my experience here. The recipe I used was just fine, and I ran it through our Lye Calculator to determine how much water and lye needed to be […]

Soap On A Stick – DRAT!

All information in this blog comes from the excellent book “Soap & Cosmetic Labeling” by Marie Gale. If you make true soap, and you don’t make any cosmetics claims, your soap can be sold without any label. What?! That was my reaction. True soap is defined in the Food, Drug […]

Labeling Your Soap

Lavender always makes me smile. It’s a fragrance I enjoy smelling. Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil is a beautiful, spring-fresh scent of lavender without excess or the medicinal smell often associated with lavender essential oil. I love that Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil plays nicely in cold-process soap with no discoloration and […]

Lavender Flowers Soap