Summer is coming, and I love to wear sandals and show off my pedicure. But unless you can afford to get a new pedicure every few days, your feet will start getting dry and calloused between visits to the salon. I created this overnight foot cream in hopes of keeping […]

Illipe Butter Overnight Foot Cream

Illipe Nut Butter and Cocoa Butter have many similarities, and I wanted to see how they would stack up against one another in a bar of soap. Cocoa Butter is often considered a great choice to help make a firmer bar. Let’s see if Illipe Nut Butter will do the […]

A Comparison of Illipe Nut Butter vs. Cocoa Butter in ...

I love lotion bars – both making them and using them! I’m firmly of the opinion that lotion bars are a treat for super dry and chapped hands as well as rough elbows and knees. Since lotion bars are easy and fun to make, I thought this would be another […]

Easy Illipe Nut Butter Lotion Bars

Last week, we announced a giveaway of a flavor that had a whoops in our testing area. I’m excited to announce the winners for these bottles of a flavor whoops! IrishEyes BadGoat Lindsay Terrylynn22 Congratulations to all the winners. We will be contacting you on Monday to confirm your win […]

Whoops Flavor Giveaway Winners!

It may be spring, but my skin is staying horribly dry. I love products with cocoa butter, and since Illipe Nut Butter has a similar brittle texture, I decided to use it in a thick body butter. My goal is a very moisturizing cream, something to chase away winter dry […]

Illipe Nut Body Butter

Yesterday, I introduced you to Illipe Nut Butter, and today I’m sharing a recipe featuring this luxurious butter. In this recipe, the rich emollient properties of the Illipe Nut Butter are combined with some of our other favorite oils for lips. Let me tell you about the rest of the […]

Illipe Nut Butter Lip Balm

My first thought when I saw Illipe Butter was “It looks like rocks.” Of course, I had to touch it, and to my astonishment, it did not feel rock-like at all! Though Illipe Butter is brittle, it is not difficult to break off a chunk. The biggest surprise was how […]

Featured Product: Illipe Nut Butter

Have you ever had a day in your production or testing area where you have had a mistake? When it happens on that rare occasion, it’s a frustrating and embarrassing reminder that we’re human and prone to errors on occasion! We’ve had a whoops when preparing testing samples for evaluators […]

Our Whoops is Your Win! A Flavor Giveaway!

Our marvelous new Tangerine Butter smells so good, and I’ve been thinking about recipe ideas to feature this luxurious butter. After talking with Andee about this butter and the deep moisturizing capability, I asked: “How about a deep-conditioning treatment for hair?” With help from Andee and Tina, we’ve formulated this […]

Tangerine Dream Hair Mask

I just spent the last few days making some travel arrangements that I’m super excited to share with you! This July, I’m traveling to the New England region to spend time at two regional conferences. I’d love to make plans to meet up with as many of our fabulous readers […]

Adventurous Travels: Meet Andee in New England in July!

If you have been getting any of the newsletters that we have been sending with orders, you might have seen the announcement about drawings held at the end of the month! Today, I’m excited to announce the winners for comments posted during February and March. (drumroll please!)

Who Won? Recent Prize Winning Comments

Finished jars of hand cream for favors.
Welcome back! Yesterday I showed you some super easy lip balm wedding favors. Today we are going to make wedding favor lotions! Lotions are pretty easy to make, but when you are crunching for time and sanity, using our lotion bases makes the process stress-free. Similar to yesterday’s blog, we […]

K.I.S.S. Wedding Favors – Our Favorite Hand Cream