Finished bars of soap made with dandelion flower tea surronded by dandelion flowers..
Spring is here, and the dandelions are blooming like crazy! The bright color of the dandelions inspired me to make a batch of soap with a dandelion “tea” as my liquid. While herbal teas may not seem to be particularly adventurous for soapmaking, I’ve found them to add a little […]

Using Dandelion Tea in Cold Process Soap

When I created a soap in February that did not contain coconut oil (click here for original post), Eleanor commented that she’d appreciate an update on how the bar lathers. Now that the soap has been on the curing rack for a good 11 weeks, I’d say it’s ready to […]

Lather Report for No Coconut Oil Soap

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, and I’ve been worrying about finding a gift! Since I was freaking out so much and my mind was running a blank, I decided that I’d get her a gift certificate to use at her favorite shop. (Mom, if you are reading this, please […]

Forget the Flowers!

Moms are such special people! I am blessed to have had two mothers; one gave me life, the other raised me. I’ve had very special relationships with both, and I am so thankful one is still with me. It was with her in mind that I formulated the recipes for […]

An Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Set

Finished tubes of cotton scented Foaming Layered Bath Salts. 2
I’m looking forward to our company-wide Spring Break that starts tomorrow! I have a home spa day scheduled, and I decided that I wanted to sneak into the blog kitchen to make a batch of Foaming Bath Salts before I left. As I was whipping up this super easy batch, […]

Cotton Foaming Layered Bath Salts for a Relaxing Home Spa ...

Gender reveals are quite fashionable these days, and there are so many fun ideas out there! Are you a Pinterest fan? Just search “Gender Reveal,” and an overwhelming variety of ideas will pour forth: balloons, cakes, glitter, paint. But soap? YES! When I was pregnant with my kiddos in the […]

Ultramarine Blue: Gender Reveal Soaps

Some of us will have a spa day during our Spring Break!
I have an announcement about a change in our schedule so you can plan your future orders! We’re going to give our hard-working crew a chance to have their own spring break! We will be closed on Thursday, April 25th and Friday, April 26th to enjoy a company-wide break. All […]

Spring Break for TheSage Crew

Summer is coming, and I love to wear sandals and show off my pedicure. But unless you can afford to get a new pedicure every few days, your feet will start getting dry and calloused between visits to the salon. I created this overnight foot cream in hopes of keeping […]

Illipe Butter Overnight Foot Cream

Illipe Nut Butter and Cocoa Butter have many similarities, and I wanted to see how they would stack up against one another in a bar of soap. Cocoa Butter is often considered a great choice to help make a firmer bar. Let’s see if Illipe Nut Butter will do the […]

A Comparison of Illipe Nut Butter vs. Cocoa Butter in ...

I love lotion bars – both making them and using them! I’m firmly of the opinion that lotion bars are a treat for super dry and chapped hands as well as rough elbows and knees. Since lotion bars are easy and fun to make, I thought this would be another […]

Easy Illipe Nut Butter Lotion Bars

Last week, we announced a giveaway of a flavor that had a whoops in our testing area. I’m excited to announce the winners for these bottles of a flavor whoops! IrishEyes BadGoat Lindsay Terrylynn22 Congratulations to all the winners. We will be contacting you on Monday to confirm your win […]

Whoops Flavor Giveaway Winners!

It may be spring, but my skin is staying horribly dry. I love products with cocoa butter, and since Illipe Nut Butter has a similar brittle texture, I decided to use it in a thick body butter. My goal is a very moisturizing cream, something to chase away winter dry […]

Illipe Nut Body Butter