There are many ways to color soap. Today I’m going to infuse olive oil with herbs and spices, and I will use the resulting infused oils to make soap. The colors will not be super saturated as we see when using oxides, ultramarines, or micas. They are more subtle and […]

Make Infused Oils To Create Gentle Colors In Soap

We’re all washing our hands more frequently these days, and my hands are feeling it. The skin is dry and itchy, and my cuticles are a wreck. Then I ran out of my favorite hand lotion! This all got me to thinking that we have many great recipes in our […]

30 Ways To Soothe Your Hands

Being outdoors in the elements is tough on skin no matter the season, and the lips seem to take the brunt of it. Allow me to introduce a lip balm recipe that will make your lips lovely again. Babassu Oil stars in this show, and its performance is nothing short […]

For Super Silky Lips, Check Out Babassu Oil

Editor’s note: Due to supply challenges, our Baobab Butter is being discontinued. Good substitutions would be Turmeric Butter or Hemp Butter. We recently had someone ask our Technical Support Team what a lip balm made with Baobab Butter would be like. I had to admit that I wasn’t completely sure, […]

Huckleberries in Africa Lip Balm

Have you ever wondered how much flavor you should use for your lip balms? This is a frequent question we get from lip balm makers, and it’s a good one. Taste is a tricky thing, being part smell and part actual taste. You know how it’s hard to taste things […]

Flavor Usage Rates in Lip Balm: How Much Should I ...

In the late 1990s, Majestic Mountain Sage was located in Orem, Utah, and Tina developed a recipe called “Royal Light Lotion with Aloe Vera.” It was taught as part of a lotion-making class and also included in a lotion-making kit sold at that time. Royal Lotion was very popular, and […]

Celebrating the Rediscovery of a Royal Recipe

Editor’s note: Due to supply challenges, our Baobab Butter is being discontinued. Good substitutions would be Turmeric Butter or Hemp Butter. Winter skin feels so uncomfortable! Fortunately, a thoughtfully crafted lotion can help. Two forces are at work to make skin feel super dry in winter: trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) […]

Whip That Butter For A Lovely Moisturizer

As promised, here’s a quick way to enjoy Java Java Fragrance Oil in a super moisturizing body cream. This couldn’t be easier – just use our fragrance calculator to determine how much fragrance to use with any of our lotion or cream bases for a no-fuss project. We’ll be using […]

Want a Little Skunk with Your Coffee? I’d Rather Have ...

Ahhh, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans! There’s nothing quite like it. Or is there? It turns out there is, and it’s from an unexpected source. Not plant-based, and not mineral-based. Nope, believe it or not, a smell similar to coffee is a skunk spray! 🦨 If you have […]

Want a Little Skunk With That Coffee?

text of "a Woman & Family Owned Business since 1996" surrounded by water color leaves with a logo at the top 10
Did you know that we’ve been a woman- AND family-owned business since 1996? Since our founding, we have always focused on being able to make good products by providing quality ingredients that we would use on ourselves as well as on our children, grandchildren, elderly parents, and even the family […]

Celebrating Being a Woman & Family Owned Business!

Power. You have the power to disinfect all of your daily surfaces. Majestic Mountain Sage, Inc, has used the power of technology to make disinfectant for our customers and our community. By using water, salt, and vinegar in a machine which will send an electrical current to split the elements, […]

COVID-19 – Power of Disinfectants

With the number of cases of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus 2019 or SARS-CoV-2) skyrocketing, tomorrow, March 13, will be our last day of a full staff. To limit exposure and to help protect our employees, we will be implementing some precautions. Starting today, no non-essential people will be permitted in our […]

COVID-19 Notice – March 12, 2020