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Do you ever imagine your soap talks to you? I do. I’ve been told it is because I have a very active imagination, but every soap I make has its own voice. This soap says to me in a sophisticated tone of voice, “Absolute indulgence! Pamper your skin with my delightful lather! Give yourself a spa treatment in the shower!”

Whether your soaps talk to you or not, this recipe is truly incredible and worth every drop of oil used for this soap.

Collect needed items:

Aloe Butter
White Cocoa Butter
Mango Oil
Mango Butter
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Shea Butter, Refined
Water (I use Reverse Osmosis Water)
Lye (sodium hydroxide)
Elements of Bamboo Fragrance Oil
1 Gallon Soap Bucket
Soap Spoon
3 Rubbermaid Drawer Organizers #2915
Glass Beakers
Immersion Blender
Small Tea Plate
Time spent:Weighing time: 8 minutes
Adding lye to water: 25 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of stirring
Heating of oils time: 4 minutes
Pouring lye solution into the fat mixture: 20 seconds
Using immersion blender to mix soap solution: 5 minutes
Pour into mold: 1 minute 15 seconds
Allow soap to rest: 24 hours
Recipe in ounces: (Makes a 3 pound batch)
12 oz Aloe Butter
3 oz White Cocoa Butter
2 oz Mango Oil
2 oz Mango Butter
16 oz Olive Oil
9 oz Palm Oil
4 oz Shea Butter, Refined
18 oz Water (I use Reverse Osmosis Water)
6.64 oz Lye (sodium hydroxide)
0.84 oz Elements of Bamboo Fragrance Oil

Weigh the Elements of Bamboo Fragrance Oil into a small beaker and set aside.

Measure fixed oils on your scale. Warm on the stove or in the microwave. I melted the oils in the microwave. Add sodium hydroxide to the water. Mix well.

Combine oils and lye solution. Stir until the soap reaches thin trace. Add the Elements of Bamboo Fragrance Oil. Stir well. Pour soap into molds. I used the Rubbermaid Drawer Organizers #2915. Allow to sit until soap is firm.

The next morning cut into bars. Stack to allow good air circulation. Allow to cure for several days before using. Longer curing will result in a harder bar.

Do you make any indulgent soaps? If so, what are some of your favorite indulgent ingredients?

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Finished soap.

Fixed oils before melting.

Lye and water.

Mixing the lye solution.

Adding the lye solution to the melted oils.

Beginning to mix the lye solution and fixed oils together.

Adding the Elements of Bamboo Fragrance.

The soap is completely mixed.

This soap has reached light trace.

Blending the fragrance into the soap.

The soap resting in molds.

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