Fragrance Blend Challenge 31

Many fragrances cross my desk in a day and I must resist running to the test kitchen to experiment. (Oh, the torture!) However, I don’t think I become truly acquainted with their blending potential. We have a lot of fragrance oils, so many I sometimes say “Oh yeah, I remember that fragrance. Do we still carry it?” I have a list of fragrances that I would love to see how others would blend them. In this challenge you may only use what is on this list, however you may blend as many fragrances as you want (You may use all if you are so inclined). There are 42 fragrances, let’s aim for 100 blends. Ready? Get set. Go!

Fragrance Oils
Chocolate Mousse Fragrance Oil
Bitter Orange Orchid Fragrance Oil
Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil
Love Spell (type) Fragrance Oil
Bay Rum Fragrance Oil
Cool Water Fragrance Oil
Juniper Breeze Fragrance Oil
Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil
Enchanted Apple Fragrance Oil
Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil
Ginger Fragrance Oil
Freesia Fragrance Oil
Juicy Grape Fragrance Oil
Wild Strawberry Fragrance Oil
Polynesian Red Fragrance Oil
Frosted Cupcakes Fragrance Oil
Honey Harvest Fragrance Oil
Brown Sugar & Spice Fragrance Oil
Sensual Fragrance Oil
Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil
Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil
Satsuma Fragrance Oil
Apricot Freesia Fragrance Oil
Sweet Musk Fragrance Oil
Cinnamon Bear Fragrance Oil
Eastern Amber Fragrance Oil
Cranberry Fragrance Oil
Green Mango Fragrance Oil
Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil
Raspberry Fragrance Oil
Peach Fragrance Oil
Rose Fragrance Oil
Sandalwood Fragrance Oil
Intense Almond Fragrance Oil
Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil
Gardenia Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil
Patchouly Fragrance Oil
Lilac Fragrance Oil
Jasmine Fragrance Oil
Coconut Fragrance Oil
Huckleberry Fragrance Oil

How many fabulous blends can you come up with? Winners will receive four 1 oz bottles of our new fragrances! Winners will be chosen on the most prolific blends, most creative blends and the most exciting blends. Don’t wait to long! You only have one week. Good luck!


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About Taylor

I'm a twenty something happy, animal loving, curious experimenter. I love reaching back into history and trying old recipes for cosmetics or foods. I'm constantly asking "Why?" My curiosity has me trying new things. I love taking walks with my dog as well as staying at home to cuddle with the dog and my cats. Some of my favorite scents include Hinoki Wood, Rose Garden, Jasmine and Gladiator.

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31 thoughts on “Fragrance Blend Challenge

  • brittanylane

    I’ve been experimenting with fruit and chocolate combos in my CP soaps. How about 50% Chocolate Mousse, 20% Intense Almond, 20% Wild Strawberry, and 10% Peach. Delightful!

    While I’m on the chocolate kick I’d love to do a really citrusy one with 40% Chocolate Mousse, 40% Lemon Sugar, and 20% Bitter Orange Orchid.

    Another one I am dying to try is a summer-ish fragrance with 40% Fresh Cut Grass, 20% Raspberry, 10% Coconut, 10% Enchanted Apple, 10% Rose, 10% Lilac, and 5% Sandalwood. I’ll call it “Summertime Bliss”

    This is fun! I just love all the fantastic fragrances MMS carries. I’m interested to see what everyone comes up with. Thanks for the challenge Taylor!

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  • Zany

    I agree with Brittany, this is fun! There are some obvious combos, but I’ll just go with these off the top of my head — or tip of my nose, as it were… 🙂

    Juicy Pear (Spicey Pear)
    Cinnamon Bear
    Enchanted Apple
    Honey Harvest
    Lemon Sugar
    Vanilla Cream

    Intense Almond


    GINGER +
    Bitter Orange Orchid
    Eastern Amber
    Honey Harvest
    Lavender Flowers
    Lemon Sugar
    Sweet Musk
    Vanilla Cream

    Eastern Amber

    Lemon Sugar
    Polynesian Red
    Vanilla Cream

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  • dreamseeds

    I was recently gifted some MMS oils (a true blessing, I have never smelled such beautiful fragrance oils before)

    I made a blend of Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla cream 3 days ago.

    I topped it with jasmine flowers. Anyway the first scent is very sweet and then rose comes through in the dry out.

    I am very impressed!!

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  • Pat

    Here are a few…

    Juniper Breeze + Fresh Cut Grass + Sandalwood

    Satsuma + Ginger + Polynesian Red

    Lemon Sugar + Frosted Cupcakes + Intense Almond + Juicy Pear

    Blackberry Sage + Bitter Orange + Sandalwood + Patchouly

    Wild Strawberry + Coconut + Chocolate Mousse + Ginger + Cherry Blossom

    Polynesian Red + Cool Waters + Green Mango + Coconut

    Honey Harvest + Brown Sugar & Spice + Vanilla Cream + Blackberry Sage

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  • Cecelia

    We’ve come up with several that I am faxing over, but here are two:

    1. Equal parts of: Sandalwood, Freshcut Grass, Sweet Musk and Green Mango

    2. 20% giner, 35% enchanted apple, 20% Eastern Amber, 15% Jasmine, 10% Rose We already sell something similar and call it ‘Wandering Tambourine’.

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  • Pat

    Island Fantasy
    Top notes of Polynesian Red and Fresh Cut Grass
    Middle notes of Ginger, Green Mango, and Satsuma
    Lower notes of Apricot Freesia, Jasmine and Sandalwood

    Now I am going to have to order all these FO’s so I can play with them!!!

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  • Taylor Post author

    Wow! I can’t believe all of the fantastic blends everyone has come up so far. I need to get into the test kitchen to experiment with these fantastic blends. I don’t know where to start or where to put these! Hmm. I just might need to make another Learning Curve Lotion to try all of them. The problem is Andee just might ban me from making such a large batch again. Oh well, I guess this time I might have to take work home with me. 🙂

    Keep those blends coming! Monday, we will announce the winners.

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  • lindaann

    Hello Taylor, I have some here that everyone seems to like.

    Bitter orange + Peach
    Coconut + Chocolate Mousse
    satsuma + ginger
    Lavender + vanilla + Gardenia + Rose + Patchouly
    Sandlewood + Jasmine + Ginger
    Rose + Sandlewood + Lavender
    Bay Rum + Lemon sugar + Blackberry sage
    Lilac + rose + Vanilla cream
    Raspberry + Lemon Sugar + Peach +Wild Strawberry + Bay rum
    Frosted Cupcake + Brown Sugar + Spice
    Bitter Orange + Vanilla Creme

    I will start playing and see if I can come up with more. I hope you enjoy a few or all

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  • GotWickDotCom

    % Solomon % Funky
    15 Rose 15 Patchouly
    25 Sandalwood 20 Fresh Cut Grass
    15 Cherry Blossom 15 Ginger
    10 Eastern Amber 15 Sweet Musk
    15 Enchanted Apple 10 Vanilla Cream
    20 Jasmine 10 Coconut
    Juicy Grape 10 Lavender Flowers
    Wild Strawberry 5
    ____ ____
    100 100

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  • GotWickDotCom

    and to correct SOLOMON now :

    % Solomon
    15 Rose
    15 Sandalwood
    15 Cherry Blossom
    10 Eastern Amber
    10 Enchanted Apple
    20 Jasmine
    10 Juicy Grape
    10 Wild Strawberry

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  • edenspromise

    Given that I only have 5 of the 42, I won’t be able to experiment to my fullest but I’m pretty pleased with what I came up with given only 5 to work with 🙂 I have made some wonderful blends with some past MMS Fragrance oils that are fabulous. Should be getting my coolwater and honeysuckle in the mail soon with samples of others.

    Polynesian Coconut Cocktail
    Polynesian Red: 8 drops
    Coconut: 4 drops

    Orange Marmalade? Haven’t settled on a good name yet…but definitely a YUMMY scent
    Bitter Orange Orchid: 8 drops
    Honey Harvest: 10 drops

    Instant Vacation (also needs a better name! LOL)
    Jasmine: 4 drops
    Polynesian Red: 8 drops
    Bitter Orange Orchid: 1 drop

    and variation on above:
    Jasmine: 4 drops
    Polynesian Red: 8 drops
    Bitter Orange Orchid: 2 drops
    ***If I had regular Sandalwood FO I would add 1 drop of it to make this blend more sensual/exotic–could be super sexy as a perfume or lotion.

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  • edenspromise

    If I’m allowed to take some “guesses” I would want to try:

    4 parts Wild Strawberry + 1 part Sweet Musk + 1 part Fresh Cut Grass

    2 parts Cool Water + 1 part Cranberry

    Equal parts Intense Almond + Green Mango+ Lemon Sugar

    Peach Tart: 1 part Ginger + 2 parts Peach + 2 parts Vanilla Creme

    Blackberry Torte: 2 parts Blackberry Sage + 1 part Chocolate Mousse + 1 part Vanilla Creme

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  • edenspromise

    More combo’s I’d try:

    2 parts Lemon Sugar + 4 parts Lavender Flowers + 1 part Fresh Cut Grass

    Rose Tea Cake: 4 parts Rose + 2 parts Vanilla Creme + 1 part Frosted Cupcakes

    Equal parts Satsuma + Huckleberry

    2 parts Cranberry + 1 part Honey Harvest + 1 part Cinnamon Bear

    Cherry Blossom + Patchouly (3:1)

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  • edenspromise

    2 parts Honeysuckle + 4 parts Wild Strawberry + 1 part Patchouly

    Equal Parts Lemon Sugar + Love Spell

    Battle of the Sexes: Equal Parts Bay Rum + Cherry Blossom

    Equal Parts: Eastern Amber + Rose + Vanilla Cream

    English Rose Garden: 3 parts Rose + 1 part Lavender Flowers + 2 parts Fresh Cut Grass + 1 part Cool Water

    4 parts Peach + 2 parts Intense Almond + 1 part Cinnamon Bear

    Marzipan: 4 parts Intense Almond + 2 parts Vanilla Creme + 1 part Lemon Sugar

    Birthday Party: Equal parts: Juicy Grape + Frosted Cupcake + Lemon Sugar

    Enchanted Forest: 2 parts Enchanted Apple + 2 parts Apricot Freesia + 1 part Eastern Amber

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