Why Glass Containers in the Bathroom Are a Bad Idea 5

Imagine you are taking a shower and you reach to grab a glass jar of your favorite scrub. Unfortunately, your hands are wet and the outside of the jar is slightly oily. The jar slips from your hands and lands on the floor of the shower. Crash!

Now you have a problem. You have an oily mess on the floor of the shower that has shards of glass in it and since you are taking a shower, you probably are naked and you only have the towel outside the shower for cover. You can’t continue to shower because you might cut your feet. So you gently step out of the shower and wrap the towel around you. You are ok, but you still have a broken jar of scrub in the shower and you haven’t finished your shower routine yet.

You still need to find a way to clean the shower floor. After you find a trash can and pick out the large pieces of glass and scoop the glass ridden scrub into the trash can, you can now rinse the floor of the shower before climbing back in to finish your shower.

This scenario could be a lot worse. You could have been severely hurt and have no one at home to help you. You could have had people banging on the bathroom door seconds after the jar broke and insisting on helping you. Either way, this is not a fun scenario for a scrub and definitely not what anyone plans for in a shower.

This is why we recommend using plastic jars for scrubs. Nobody needs to deal with the mess of glass in the bottom of the shower. Even if you feel that the glass jars are cuter than plastic, personal safety should override the cute factor. So keeping safety in mind, save the glass jars for potpourri salts and other display only items!

So…. how could we phrase this concept in a catchy way? I’m thinking of something along the lines of “Practice safe sandwiches, always use a condiment.” I tried “Practice safe showers, always use plastic,” but it just didn’t bring about the same laughs. Help me dear readers!

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5 thoughts on “Why Glass Containers in the Bathroom Are a Bad Idea

  • Esther

    I admit, around my tub, I have a few glass jars. I love the old apothacary jars with corks, and I’ve mixed up a batch of
    something I want to try and all I can find to put it in is glass.

    In the shower, OK, everything is plastic there. Anything I see or give away is plastic too.

    OK, some folks bungee jump, I guess bathing with glass requires the same mindset.

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