Lanolin is a wonderful substance! It comes from the fleece of sheep and is what makes them naturally waterproof. It is also an amazing emollient properties and helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss. My aim with this scrub is to give your hands some extreme TLC and provide protection from the […]

Lanolin Hand Scrub

This week we’ll consider all things salty. To begin, I’m making a salt scrub scented with Sea Salt Fragrance Oil. It’s a simple place to start. Scrubs are a great way to bring the spa experience home. I find that my extra dry hands love a quick wash followed by […]

Sea Salt Scrub

Searching a calendar website for inspiration, I discovered that March 7-11 is National Foot Week. While the focus of the week is primarily foot health, pampering your tootsies is never a bad thing. This week we will look at ways to make your feet feel great! Today we’ll make a […]

Luffa Sugar Foot Scrub

Previously, we used Hemp Oil in a foot scrub. Today we’ll switch body parts and target the lips. Hemp Oil naturally contains a high level of vitamin E, which is wonderful on the skin. It also contains gamma linolenic acid, which has been shown in studies to increase barrier repair […]

Marvelous Mango Sugar Scrub

Unless you get weekly pedicures, it’s likely your feet could use a bit of TLC. This scrub will deliver! Join me as I make up a super quick luxurious foot scrub with an essential oil blend to tame foot odor and make your tootsies feel wonderful! Hemp Oil is such […]

Hemp Oil Foot Scrub

Sometimes your skin just needs some extra exfoliation. Winter is surely that time for me, so I’ve been thinking a bit outside the box about a scrubby lotion to be used before showering. Here’s the idea: create a lotion that contains the hydrating power of Hydrovance as a humectant and […]

Scrubby Exfoliating Lotion

Today I’m making a body scrub featuring Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil. It’s one of those fragrances that makes you wonder. I’m so glad our catalog has great descriptions of scents! I can grab a bottle and take a sniff, but it’s fun to read the description first and see if […]

Pixie Dust Body Scrub

My number one, all-time favorite fruit is raspberries. One of my favorite desserts is a Razzleberry Pie. MMMMMM! For quite some time I have wanted to make some kind of Raspberry Scrub. One of my favorite parts about my job is when I try products outside of work and then […]

Scrumptious Whipped Raspberry Sugar Scrub

Yesterday as I was walking down the aisles of the MMS warehouse getting orders ready to ship, I came across our Banana Flavor Oil. We haven’t made a whole bunch with this flavor oil so I had almost forgotten that it existed. This is one flavor oil that no one […]

Banana Lip Scrub