Lotions and Creams

When the air is dry and the temps are falling, there is nothing better than a dreamy, creamy concoction to pamper your parched skin. Join me in the workroom as I craft a cream to satisfy your moisturizing needs. We’ll begin with Cocoa Butter for a thick base and that […]

Dreamy Chocolate Mint Cream

What is the difference between a butter and a cream? Put very simply, it’s the addition of water to the formula. It’s actually a bit more complicated than adding water, because once you add water, you must use an emulsifier and preservative. It’s also nice, but not absolutely necessary, to […]

Body Butter or Body Cream

There’s no doubt that handmade skin care products are popular. The possible combinations of scents and oils is almost endless! Today let’s focus on something extra: additives that can really add value to your products in terms of efficacy and label appeal. EXTRACTS When it comes to adding value, extracts […]

Getting “Extra” To Add Value