Lotions and Creams

We often are asked about how to create a lotion formula. Today I’m going to discuss what goes into lotion. The five necessary components are: • water • oils • emulsifier • humectant • preservative Everything else is optional and either added for label appeal or specific properties. WATER Water […]

Bones of a Lotion Formula

I was thinking about how to make my lotions more liquid. I seem to always end up with thick creams instead of fluid lotions, even when I set out to make a more fluid formulation. When encountering a problem like this, I find it’s very helpful to contact our Technical […]

Making A More Fluid Lotion

It’s definitely salve season, and we set out to make one without using beeswax. Veggie-ful Green Salve uses Carnauba Wax instead of the usual Beeswax, which makes it a vegetarian salve. You may recognize the name Carnauba from wax used on cars! But it’s not just for cars anymore. This […]

Can We Make a Salve Without Beeswax?

It’s spring, and though there may still be snow on the ground where you live, it’s time to get some seeds started and gardening tasks begun. When you start gardening, though, your hands will take a beating. Today we’ll make a super simple salve that will have your hands looking […]

Super Simple Spring Gardener Salve

Today, March 29, is Lemon Chiffon Cake Day. I get a lot of inspiration from calendars, and today is no exception. I saw a photo of a lovely yellow cake with white frosting, and I immediately thought of our luscious Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil. Lemon Sugar is a happy fragrance […]

Lemon Chiffon Cake Day Lotion

Don’t you love how everything turns green for St. Patrick’s Day? When I was in college, I’d been to the obligatory St. Patrick’s Day party and had overindulged in green beer. The following morning the dining hall had green eggs, green biscuits, and even green milk! Needless to say, I […]

Green Lotion for St. Patrick’s Day

Searching a calendar website for inspiration, I discovered that March 7-11 is National Foot Week. While the focus of the week is primarily foot health, pampering your tooties is never a bad thing. This week we will look at ways to make your feet feel great! Today that looks like […]

Minty Foot Moisturizing Cream

We all know Shea Butter, but how familiar are you with Liquid Shea Oil? This was a new ingredient to me, so I decided to make a cream with it, adding Almond Butter and Squalane Butter to round out my formula. Liquid Shea Oil is a pretty greasy oil, but […]

Shea Oil & Squalane Cream

Aloe is a standard in skin care; I’ve never met an aloe-based product I didn’t like. Today I’ll make a lotion using our fantastic Aloe Vera Butter and some Macadamia Nut Oil to round out the formula. Aloe Butter is a softer oil that is just dreamy to use! Aloe […]

Aloe Vera Butter Lotion

This winter has been hard on hands! Both my husband and I have cracked fingertips from dryness and cold. I set out to make a salve that would really nourish the skin and create an emollient barrier to allow these ouchy places to heal. I began with lanolin. There is […]

Extreme Lanolin Salve