Lotions and Creams

Last week we learned about Emu Oil and made a lotion. This week we’re still looking at Emu Oil in formulations. Today I have a salve planned featuring Emu Oil. Salves are super simple to make, but there are a few rules to follow to be a success. You need […]

Emu Oil Salve

Yesterday we learned about Emu Oil and its fatty acid profile. Today I’m going to craft a lotion recipe featuring this oil. Naturally, I’ll start with Emu Oil. The properties it will bring to the lotion are moisturizing and restoring the skin’s barrier function. It also will help with preventing […]

Emu Oil Lotion

My husband works outdoors all day, and his hands get very rough, especially in winter. In an effort to help him with that problem, I crafted this balm. Beeswax and Cocoa Butter form the brittle part of this balm, but not too much. I want this balm to soak into […]

Balm for Rough Hands

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word massage? For me, it’s relaxation. Today I’m setting out to create a massage cream that will promote relaxation, both in the way it feels and with a little essential oil aromatherapy. Aloe Butter and Shea Butter are both […]

Relaxing Massage Cream

Yesterday I tried crafting an oil free lotion. I browsed our catalog and found all the ingredients that could qualify as oil free and created a formula. Unfortunately, I overdid it on the emulsifying ingredients, so the mixture failed to properly emulsify. Today I’m backing off the emulsifying ingredients and […]

Oil Free Lotion, Take 2

I hate it in fall when my cuticles start to get super dry. They crack and snag on everything. Super annoying and sometimes painful. There has to be a remedy for dry cuticles! Of course there is! Cuticle oil to the rescue! There are lots of different oils you could […]

Super Speedy Cuticle Oil

Getting a massage may be one of my favorite treats next to a good coffee drink. I wonder if I could combine the two? In 2012, Taylor made Sweet Coffee Massage Butter. She did hers a bit differently than I will do mine. Hers was not an emulsified lotion; mine […]

Mmm Massage Lotion

Yesterday’s lotion is going to get a few tweaks today to become a thick, rich cream. Come along as I reformulate. There are several good ways to thicken a more fluid product. One way is to increase the percentage of butters. Another way is to add Stearic Acid. You can […]

Borage Anti-Aging Cream

The skin on your body that’s exposed most often – think hands, arms, face, and neck – is most prone to showing signs of aging. This can be due to trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) causing dry skin. It’s also due to sun damage. What’s a girl to do? There are […]

Borage Oil Anti-Aging Lotion