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No Shave November is coming up and I have gotten so many requests for a beard oil and other beard products. For the next few days, I want to share some great recipes in preparation of No Shave November! If you have a product in mind that you want us […]

Beard Cream

So, I don’t know about all you but I have the poofiest hair, ever. It runs in our family. My younger sister has to go to a special salon to get her hair cut because most hair stylists won’t even touch it it’s so bad. This is why I was […]

Poodle Poof-Reborn

Several years ago I took the plunge and got a short pixie cut. I loved how free I felt and how much easier it was to style my hair but it was also incredibly new territory for me. Each time I went for a new trim, my stylist convinced me […]

Easy Styling Hair Wax

Yesterday we made our wool wash bar made specifically for washing wool articles. Because wool requires a little extra TLC after washing to keep the fibers soft and smooth, I wanted to make a conditioner. While you could possibly use this conditioner in human hair, individuals with fine hair may […]

Wool Conditioner

Abraham Lincoln the 16th president, he was the tallest US president at 6’4” tall. He was a licensed bartender. He was also the first president to have a beard. He liked pets and owned horses, cats, dogs and a turkey. Abraham Lincoln was first president to be assassinated. Abraham Lincoln […]

US President Abraham Lincoln

Since we are celebrating Independence Day and Pioneer Day (Utah’s Statehood)I thought that for the next few blogs I would showcase some fun facts about a few of our US Presidents. We celebrate all month long! I am going to start off with George Washington. He was the first US […]

US President George Washington

After making the Simple Daily Hair Conditioner, I started thinking about formulating another conditioner that would work for those who need a little extra conditioning, help with moisture retention and even help detangling! I started by changing the Simple Daily Hair Conditioner formula to include ingredients I thought would be […]

Deep Hair Conditioner