Poodle Poof-Reborn

So, I don’t know about all you but I have the poofiest hair, ever. It runs in our family. My younger sister has to go to a special salon to get her hair cut because most hair stylists won’t even touch it it’s so bad. This is why I was so excited to make this product called Poodle Poof!! It’s a detangler that also helps with the fly aways and frizz. I love it, I just put it on after I get out of the shower, when I wake up and just about any other time I see my hair failing to cooperate.

Citric Acid
Horsetail Extract
Jewelweed Extract
Spray Clear
Liquid Germall Plus
Phoenix Fire Fragrance Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
1 gm Citric Acid
2 gm Dimethicone
3 gm Cyclomethicone
4 gm Hydrovance
1 gm Horsetail
1 gm Jewelweed Extract
4.5 gm Spray Clear Emulsifier
.5 gm Liquid Germall Plus
.5 gm Phoenix Fire
81.5 gm Water
Recipe in Ounces
.035 ozCitric Acid
.070 oz Dimethicone
.12 oz Cyclomethicone
.14 oz Hydrovance
.035 oz Horsetail
.035 oz Jewelweed Extract
.16 oz Spray Clear Emulsifier
.018 oz Liquid Germall Plus
.018 oz Phoenix Fire
2.88 oz Water
Recipe in Percentages
1% Citric Acid
2% Dimethicone
3% Cyclomethicone
4% Hydrovance
1% Horsetail
1% Jewelweed Extract
4.5% Spray Clear Emulsifier
.5% Liquid Germall Plus
.5% Phoenix Fire
81.5% Water

So for the poodle poof the first step is to measure out the water and citric acid. This allows the citric acid to completely dissolve in the water. Once it is mixed well you will put the rest of the ingredients in the mixing container in any order. Mix very well and pour into your spray bottles. This recipe only makes around a cup of poodle poof, so if you are like me and will go through it like crazy you can double or triple the recipe.

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