Coconut Lemongrass Daily Shampoo

The finished Coconut Lemongrass shampoo sample!

The finished Coconut Lemongrass shampoo sample!

Today we made shampoo with Coconut Lemongrass fragrance in it. I love it! Coconut Lemongrass is a sweet, grassy smell with hints of coconut. It is an amazing scent in shampoo. You only need a little of the fragrances found in our catalog as a little goes a long way! For the shampoo today, we used 1 ounce of fragrance per gallon of product and I think it’s just the right amount. Less fragrance would be a very subtle scent, and more would be overpowering. Let’s make a quick shampoo gift!

Daily Shampoo Base
Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Oil
1 gallon Pump
Containers for the finished product


Recipe in Grams
3628 grams Daily Shampoo Base
28 grams Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
128 ounces Daily Shampoo Base
1 ounces Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
99.2% Daily Shampoo Base
0.8% Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Oil

Are you ready to get started? Open the jug of Daily Shampoo Base. Add the fragrance. (This is a full 1 fl oz bottle.) Replace the cap and tighten. Shake the jug by turning upside down and back again. Once you think it’s been mixed, open the jug to verify the fragrance and shampoo base have been mixed completely. You don’t want a section that is hardly scented and a section that is strongly scented. If you want to add a color to your shampoo, now is the time to do it! Now you are ready to fill your desired containers!

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