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Yesterday, after the Melt & Pour Sugar Scrub was released, Crystal asked me if it was possible to make a scrub without the melt and pour soap. Well, that certainly got the wheels turning in my head. Her question inspired a conditioning sugar scrub that is  to die for! It […]

Conditioning Solid Sugar Scrub

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ I’m so excited to release another challenge. Recently I have been asked several questions about formulating or changing recipes to suit the oils people have on hand. Since there have been lots of […]

What is in your cupboard? Challenge

I am a huge fan of spices. I love Chai tea, gingersnaps, spiced pound cake, spiced apple cider, carrot cake, curries and more. I am not a big fan of many floral scents. You won’t find to many in my personal collection. However, spice things up and I am there. […]

Chai & Lavender Soap

I promised last week that I would show you how I tested different percentages of Dry-Flo in my lotion formulation. I made a “Master Batch” where I added everything except the Dry-Flo. I had it completely blended and ready to put into containers. Instead of packaging into containers, I weighed […]

Dry-Flo Testing

I had such a great time with the Rose Hydrosol Lotion, I just had to make it with Jasmine Hydrosol. Jasmine is a scent that makes me think of spring and with the warm weather we were having, I am fighting a severe case of spring fever. Waho! Spring is […]

Jasmine Hydosol Lotion