Solid Sugar Scrub 10

Yesterday I created a toiletry tragedy. Today I will show you how to make a solid sugar scrub that will make you proud to sell or give away. Let’s head to the kitchen and may no toiletry tragedy come our way! 

Collect Needed Ingredients:

Olive Melt & Pour Soap
Shea Butter
Polysorbate 20
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
10 grams Olive Melt & Pour Soap
5 grams Shea Butter
5 grams Polysorbate 20
30 grams Sugar
Recipe in Ounces
.35 ounces Olive Melt & Pour Soap
.18 ounces Shea Butter
.18 ounces Polysorbate 20
1.06 ounces Sugar
Recipe in Percentages
20% Olive Melt & Pour Soap
10% grams Shea Butter
10% grams Polysorbate 20
60% grams Sugar

Weigh Melt & Pour Soap and Shea Butter into a microwave safe container. Heat in short bursts until the contents of the container are liquid. DO NOT LEAVE THE MICROWAVE OR GET DISTRACTED! Just a little friendly advice. 🙂 Add the Polysorbate 20 and Sugar. Stir well. Pour into molds. Package and show off! Now wasn’t that easy?

Note: I added way too much sugar when I made this. Whoops. It made it really hard to mix. I added about 1/4 of hot water. This made the mixture nice, smooth and pourable. I just had to account for some drying time to allow the scrubs to remain solid.


Finished Scrubs

Melt & Pour Soap

Weighing Shea Butter

Heated Soap & Shea

Stirring in Sugar

Mixed Scrub

Pouring Scrub into Mold

Solid Scrubs Ready to Cut

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I'm a twenty something happy, animal loving, curious experimenter. I love reaching back into history and trying old recipes for cosmetics or foods. I'm constantly asking "Why?" My curiosity has me trying new things. I love taking walks with my dog as well as staying at home to cuddle with the dog and my cats. Some of my favorite scents include Hinoki Wood, Rose Garden, Jasmine and Gladiator.

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10 thoughts on “Solid Sugar Scrub

  • Taylor Post author

    They are to be used on the shower or at the sink. They are really great at exfoliating.

    I hope you like them!


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  • Simona

    just wondering …. would it be doable with a CP soap? to get it trough the gel phase and then add some ground brown sugar and stir and stir… would the sugar cause the soap to act like a volcano? would the sugar set on the bottom of the mould? hm… I am not a fan or melt’n’pour, so if I can do a sugar scrub with CP – I’d be more than happy!

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  • Susan LaFrance

    I guess same question as simona, can it be done with a cp soap? Might be fun with a cotton candy fragrance. could a FO be used in the M&P or a color added?

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  • edigo

    I dont have polysorbate 20. Can i do this recipe without it? Or could i replace it by something like guar or something else?

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    • Andee

      This was a sample mold that was found hanging around in our blog test kitchen. At this time, we haven’t found a supplier for this mold. I wish I had better news!

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