Monthly Archives: February 2011

Yippee! I’m excited to say that our blog is now up again! While we have been hard at work fixing the blog and answering your questions on Facebook and TheSage Forum. We are happy to say that we have everything fixed and we are still here! Thank you for being […]

Back Up Again!

Houston, we have a problem.Those words will live forever. We are space junkies around here and can claim the day man walked on the moon was a staff member’s 8th birthday. Our families, friends and neighbors have worked on many space shuttles over the years. Today this phrase has a […]

Houston, we have a problem.

Did you know we have a town named Paradise in Utah? Yep! It is right down the road from here. Today I’m writing to tell you that we have a new postmark for Paradise and it says “Cheeseburgers in Paradise!” If you would like a specimen of our newest postmark, […]

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

I loved the light lotion I made for the Valentines for Him. It was very light and really enjoyable.  I made a few changes to that formulation to make an even more luxurious lotion.First, I wanted a super light scent. I love the Rose Fragrance Oil but I wanted to […]

Rose Hydrosol Lotion

We all love healthy skin. It looks great and is soft and silky. We have been taught that oily appearing skin is not desirable but how is that charming dewy look achieved?  A lotion is often too much, creating (dare I say oily?) appearance. So how does one achieve that […]

Quick & Easy Skin Soother

Yesterday I shared my adventure of making the Acai Superfruit Soap. In a way this soap is a continuation of that adventure, because when I pulled the tea out of the cupboard I also grabbed the Blueberry Harvest Herbal Tea from Bigelow Tea. I decided that since I was going […]

Blueberry Superfruit Soap