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My finished wash cloths with a wash basin my grandmother used and an old box of Scotch Cleanser. 8
You can read about upcycling in every magazine and on every blog. Upcycling is a way of making a new use from a product that may be discarded. Recycling is a way of turning an existing product into another usable item. Using a spaghetti sauce jar as a button jar […]

How can soap makers upcycle?

We have a whole bunch of new products to release. I am so excited because these items are really awesome! I know everyone is going to love them. In the next two weeks, starting today, we are going to be releasing a new product every day. I hope everyone is […]

New Products Galore!

Do you remember wanting to race to the mail box to find out what was delivered? Was there anything for you? Andee is feeling this way in China. She wants a crazy mail day. Would you be interested in sending her a letter or postcard? All letters, cards or postcards […]

Crazy Mail Day