Lip Balms

You only thought we were done with Emu Oil! I liked the Emu Oil Salve so much, I decided to turn it into a lip balm. (I had already tried the salve on my lips and found it to be marvelous!) To make a lip balm out of a salve, […]

Emu Oil Lip Balm

I’ve been playing with Wheat Germ Oil in different formulations. I’ve made a salve for rough hands and some soap featuring Wheat Germ Oil. Have you read about wheat germ? With the content of beta carotene and Vitamin E, this oil is great for soaps, lotions, and other skincare products. […]

Lip Balm with Wheat Germ Oil

Yesterday we made a lip balm featuring Cranberry Seed Oil. Today I’m taking the same formula and substituting Red Raspberry Seed Oil for the Cranberry Seed Oil. I don’t expect there to be a huge difference between the two finished lip balms, but there will be a difference in what […]

Raspberry Lip Balm

A couple of weeks ago I focused on Cranberry Seed Oil, and I liked it a lot. I did not get around to making a lip balm that week, so let’s see about doing that now. The fatty acid profile of Cranberry Seed Oil promotes skin regeneration, and Cranberry Seed […]

Cranberry Lip Balm

Espresso is the strongest of the coffee drinks, and its aroma is unique. When sweetened, it tastes quite delicious, too! (Sorry, I just can’t enjoy unsweetened coffee!) Today we’ll take a trip into lip balm land and make up a spectacular espresso lip balm that will be sweet and strong […]

Espresso Lip Balm

Today I’m going to put together a super simple formula for a lip balm with two of my favorite flavors: Cocoa and Vanilla. There’s something so classic about these two flavors. I think of chocolate vanilla twist ice cream cones, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, and the hint of vanilla […]

Cocoa Vanilla Lip Balm

This week I’m focusing on Argan Oil, an incredible lightweight oil that offers loads of benefits. Read all about it here. Today I’m going to make a lip balm featuring Argan Oil and a couple of extracts to really pamper the lips. As with the facial moisturizer I made yesterday, […]

Argan Lip Balm

This week I’ve been working on a lip balm formula. Yesterday I made a test batch using the formula I’d devised based on our guidelines. Although I liked the way the lip balm felt, it was too soft and oily for a good summer lip balm. Today I intend to […]

Lip Balm 101 – Making Adjustments

Today I’m going to take the formula I developed yesterday and make a test batch. This will be a very small batch – just 50 grams. To recap, I’m basing my formula on the following guidelines: • 20% Beeswax* • 25% solid at room temperature oil (Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, […]

Lip Balm 101 – First Test Batch

We recently had a question from a customer about our lip balm formula. Here is an easy guide for creating your own lip balm recipe: • 20% Beeswax* • 25% solid at room temperature oil (Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Lanolin, etc.) • 15% brittle at room temperature oil […]

Lip Balm 101 – Creating a Formula