Liquid Soap

Recently, I was asked to show how to make a batch of liquid soap that was a 100% Olive Oil batch. This batch of soap was easy to make, but definitely a learning experience during the dilution phase! Collect needed items: Ingredients Olive Oil Potassium Hydroxide Water (I used Reverse […]

Olive Oil Liquid Soap

As I mentioned back on November 12th, I have finally found my testing crock pot. During the time that has passed, I’ve been reading the Making Natural Liquid Soaps by Catherine Failor. Here are my thoughts and observations from the first chapter. Overall, the information from the first chapter of […]

Introduction to Liquid Soap Week, Day One

Shannan has been kind enough to write a blog post for us. It is wonderful she is so willing to share her ideas, concerns, and difficulties so the rest of us have a better chance at making a successful batch of liquid soap. Thank you Shannan! I sincerely hope everyone […]

Liquid Soap by shelikesspring