Yearly Archives: 2010

With the holidays on their way like a speeding freight train, I decided to make a gift that is easy to make and store until I’m ready to give it away. This scrub is fun to make and is perfect for every vanilla junkie you know. Collect needed items: Ingredients […]

Vanilla Salt Scrub

On my way to work this morning there was lots of fog and all the plants, fences and signs were coated with hoarfrost. It is very cold today and I’m glad to be inside a warm building. We had a low temperature overnight of 8° F below 0! Currently the […]

Brrr! It’s Cold!

I have more Cyclomethicone Testing results for you. I have a list of requests that I will test later this week and I hope to release those results next week. Today, I tested Alice Fragrance Oil, Chocolate Mousse Fragrance Oil, Coconut Fragrance Oil, Cranberry Fragrance Oil, Crystal Blue Fragrance Oil, […]

Cyclomethicone Testing, Part 6