Holiday Memories and Traditions

Everyone has memories and stories of previous holidays that they enjoy sharing with others. I’m sure we all listen to the stories and think, “I couldn’t have done that!” or “I can’t believe they actually pulled it off!”

When I sat down to write today, I wasn’t sure what to say at first. Then I remembered that I had asked our Facebook Page Fans “What are some holiday traditions that are the most memorable for you?” The responses given were wonderful and sounded like traditions that my family would have.

Kristin said, “We owned a Christmas tree farm, so the funnest thing for us was running that and seeing all the happy people!”

Crystal said, “My house is the gathering place for Christmas Eve. We are expecting approximately 45 people. We love making new memories every year. This year we are making salt dough ornaments for the kids to decorate. And we are going to make Taffy! Have not pulled taffy in years, going to teach my kids.”

Karen said, “Christmas carols are my favorite part of Christmas!”

Thank you to Kristin, Crystal and Karen for sharing. I want to hear more traditions and memories. Send them in no matter what holiday you celebrate.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas memories and traditions.

I must have been nine or ten years old when this happened, but it has been one of my favorite memories. One Christmas Eve after my little sister and I had gone to bed, my parents came to wake us up and told us to come downstairs very quietly. We crept down the stairs and into the front room where the Christmas tree was. My parents whispered for us to stay low and go look out the front window and then we would see something very amazing. Since the windowsill was very low, we crawled around the tree and we were surprised to see several deer outside the window eating apples that my mom had thrown out earlier that day. The moonlight bounced off the snow and illuminated the deer very well, so we sat there and watched the deer eat until the apples were gone. Then the deer walked down the driveway and across the street to continue finding various things to eat.

This tradition began when I was just a little girl, but this is one tradition the whole family looks forward to each year. My mom made pajamas for everyone in the family one year and since then we have made it a tradition to either make or go shopping for Christmas Pajamas. We usually have our pajamas by mid-December so we can cuddle up in warm pajamas during Christmas break and the family book readings or game nights.

All week long I’m sharing memories and traditions. Send in your stories!!

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