Enhancing Lather with Simple Accessories 1

Making lather with a bath pouf.

Last week, I was sicker than a dog and it took a LOT of energy just to get a drink from the kitchen. At one point during the week, I was washing my hands with some of the recently made liquid soap and I could not get an active lather like I was hoping to get. After I was feeling better, I was getting my shower caddy together when I looked at my bath pouf and VOILA! I realized that the best way to enhance a lather is to use something that can incorporate more air into the soap and water. A bath pouf is also known as a netted sponge, a mesh sponge or even a nylon loofa. There are many different names for such a product or the similar sponges.

No matter the name you call it, you can use your pouf to enhance lather for liquid soaps or bar soaps. It doesn’t take much soap on the pouf to create lots of lather. Simply wet the pouf first and then add the soap (either a dab of liquid soap that is not bigger than a dime or give a quick scrub with a bar of soap). Once the soap has been added to the wet pouf, rub vigorously until a thick lather has been created. Now the lathered pouf can be used to scrub your body and remove the dirt and excess oils from your skin.

Don’t forget to rinse out the pouf thoroughly before hanging it up to dry. It is best for each person to have their own pouf and wash it every two to four weeks. This will help prevent bad bacteria from growing in the poof. I like to wash mine with the laundry that has to be bleached, but you can also soak a bath pouf in the sink with bleach and water.

I’ll get back to the rest of the Liquid Soap Week later this week. My desk looks like …. I’ve been gone for a few days! After we tackle the rest of the liquid soap, I have some fun projects coming up. This will include an Animal Fats Soap Week, a Chocolate Lip Scrub, a Winter Breeze Body Scrub and more! Stay tuned!

Enjoy the lather!

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