Pixie Dust Body Scrub

Today I’m making a body scrub featuring Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil. It’s one of those fragrances that makes you wonder. I’m so glad our catalog has great descriptions of scents! I can grab a bottle and take a sniff, but it’s fun to read the description first and see if I can smell what the writer smelled.

Finished jars of scrub with a bottle of Pixie Dust Fragrance.

The scrub that I’m making today was inspired by the Plum Wild Body Scrub (revised) in our recipes section. This scrub is a fantastic combination of scrubbiness, light oils, and just enough suds to feel enjoyable without requiring an after-shower moisturizer. The recipe was originally published in 2002 and has been a popular recipe ever since!

I chose to make a few changes to the recipe to use both salt and sugar to not only exfoliate the skin, but to use some of the natural humectant properties of the sugar.

Gather up some supplies and equipment, and come make this body scrub with me.



Transparent Melt & Pour Soap
Macadamia Nut Oil
Sunflower Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil
Aloe Extract
Superfine Sugar
Medium Bath Salt
Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil


Microwave Safe Container
Mixing Bowl
Containers of your choice

I chose light to medium weight oils for this scrub. Macadamia Nut Oil is the star of the show.

Sunflower Oil is the second that I chose. It is light, but it is a powerful moisturizer with anti-aging properties.

Rounding out the oils is Apricot Kernel Oil. It is so lovely on the skin, leaving no greasy feel.

Our Aloe Extract is infused in canola oil, offering all the well-known benefits of aloe with an extra moisturizing boost from the oil base. I really like to use this extract in any skincare product.

Let’s make this scrub together!

Recipe in Ounces (makes 8 ounces)

1.16 ounces Transparent Melt & Pour Soap
1.2 ounces Macadamia Nut Oil
0.56 ounce Sunflower Oil
0.16 ounce Apricot Kernel Oil
0.24 ounce Aloe Extract
2.32 ounces Superfine Sugar
2.32 ounces Medium Bath Salts
0.04 ounces Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil

Recipe in Percentages

14.5% Transparent Melt & Pour Soap
15% Macadamia Nut Oil
7% Sunflower Oil
2% Apricot Kernel Oil
3% Aloe Extract
29% Superfine Sugar
29% Medium BathSalt
0.5% Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil

Weigh melt & pour soap into a microwave-safe container.

Weigh oils and extract into a separate container; set aside.

Weigh sugar and salt into a mixing bowl.

Weigh fragrance; set aside.

Melt & Pour soap is ready to melt in the large measuring cup, and the oils are weighed in the beaker.

Adding the sugar and salt to the liquid ingredients.

Cut the melt & pour soap into chunks and microwave in 15-second increments until liquid. Add oils and mix well. You may need to heat the mixture for a few seconds if the room-temperature oils cause the melt & pour soap to solidify a bit. Once that mixture is complete, add the fragrance.

Pour the soap and oil mixture over the salt and sugar mixture. Stir until fully mixed.

At this point, if you’d like your scrub to be colored, add the colorant of choice. Since I love color, and since Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil is described as being spring-like, green, fresh, with notes of aloe, I went with a leaf green color. I used 6 drops of yellow dye to one drop of blue dye. It perfectly colored my 8-ounce batch. I suggest premixing the colors and using directly from the premixed bottle rather than trying to measure as you go. That way, you can be sure to get the color you want.

The scrub ingredients are all mixed together. The Melt & Pour Soap seems to help keep the oils from separating.

After adding 6 drops of Lemon Yellow Dye and 1 drop of Grape Dye, the scrub turned a vibrant green.

Once everything is thoroughly mixed, spoon the scrub into jars. I used our one-ounce jar and cap set. If I were packaging this scrub for sale, I would definitely add shrink wrap bands. The 8-ounce batch filled 5 of the jars.

Now to test this creation. I was pretty excited about the idea of a scrub with a soap base, and this product did not let me down. At first, I put it directly on a washcloth, thinking that would be the best way to use it. Nope. This scrub works just like one without the soap base – just scoop out a bit and rub it over your skin. It has a great texture that left my skin tingly from the exfoliation while my nose happily enjoyed the scent drifting around the shower.

WOW! Pixie Dust Fragrance is fantastic! Honestly, I was not a huge fan of the scent right out of the bottle. It was better when I mixed it into the scrub, but I still was not convinced. However, when I used this scrub in the shower, the scent was delectable!


This body scrub left my skin feeling marvelous! The sugar and salt in the scrub are fine enough to not be overly abrasive, and the oils are light enough that I did not feel like I had an oil slick left on my skin. In a word, it was perfect! The Pixie Dust fragrance was a gentle presence, fresh like a spring rain in a meadow. After patting my skin dry, I did not feel dried out like I often do right after a shower. I skipped my usual after-shower moisturizer, and my skin still feels terrific.

This recipe is a winner, and I think it would be a big hit no matter what color or fragrance you use. But you really should give Pixie Dust a try. It’s a mystery, to be sure, but I promise you’ll like it!

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