Luffa Sugar Foot Scrub

Searching a calendar website for inspiration, I discovered that March 7-11 is National Foot Week. While the focus of the week is primarily foot health, pampering your tootsies is never a bad thing.

This week we will look at ways to make your feet feel great! Today we’ll make a foot scrub to gently scour away the calluses that inevitably form on feet.

We’ll use a combination of superfine sugar and ground luffa as our abrasives. Thick, rich Olive Oil will pair with the lighter Sweet Almond Oil as the base, and we’ll add a generous amount of Squalane Oil to really bring in the moisture. I’m also adding a humectant, Hydrovance, to help with moisture retention. Just for fun, I colored mine blue. (Feel free to leave out the colorant; I just couldn’t resist!)

I finished off the scrub with a fun, fruity aroma: Fruit Slices Fragrance Oil.

Join me as I craft this super fast and simple scrub.

What You’ll Need


Olive Oil
Squalane Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Superfine Sugar
Ground Luffa
Fruit Slices Fragrance Oil
Blue Dye


Mixing container
Jars and Lids


21.5% Olive Oil
8% Squalane Oil
11% Sweet Almond Oil
4% Hydrovance
50% Superfine Sugar
5% Ground Luffa
0.5% Fruit Slices Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Blue Dye

100-gram Test Batch

21.5 grams Olive Oil
8 grams Squalane Oil
11 grams Sweet Almond Oil
4 grams Hydrovance
50 grams Superfine Sugar
5 grams Ground Luffa
0.5 gram Fruit Slices Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Blue Dye

12-ounce Batch

2.58 ounces Olive Oil
0.96 ounce Squalane Oil
1.32 ounces Sweet Almond Oil
0.48 ounce Hydrovance
6 ounces Superfine Sugar
0.6 ounce Ground Luffa
0.06 ounce Fruit Slices Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Blue Dye


Weigh all ingredients into a mixing container. (I used a pint canning jar.) Use a few drops of the blue dye and stir well before deciding about the color. You can always add a bit more. I wanted to go for a deeper hue, so I used 5 drops in my test batch.

Once all ingredients are weighed, use a spoon or spatula to mix well. Adjust color if needed.

If you just have regular sugar, you can use that instead of superfine, or you can make your own superfine sugar. Simply put sugar into a food processor and pulse until the consistency is fine but not powdered.

Ingredients all weighed before mixing.

Finished scrub after mixing well.


This scrub is nice and gentle thanks to the small size of the scrubby factor. If you prefer a more aggressive scrub, I’d recommend using regular sugar or even some salt. I like the luffa in there, though, so don’t leave that out!

I have to admit that in my excitement about adding color, I overdid it a bit with the blue. It didn’t stain my hands or my tub, but it was a bit over the top. Be less generous than I was. Start with a couple of drops of color and add from there.

Hope you enjoy trying this fast and simple scrub, then follow it up with a moisturizing treat of the Minty Foot Moisturizing Cream we made yesterday. Your feet (and hands) will thank you.

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