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Filled jars of cooled Peach Body Cream. 5
When I have about 20-30 minutes available to play in the blog kitchen, I love to make lotions. It is a fun and quick project that replenishes my lotion & creams stash, allows me to help make sure my “guinea pig” (one of our programmers) has moisturized arms, and permits […]

The Greatest Peach Body Cream

I love fruit smoothies. They are so easy to do and with the help of my blender, fast too. So when I was chatting with a friend and her daughter in a book store and she mentioned blending orange and pineapple together, I immediately thought of my trusty blender. What […]

Tutti Fruitti Smoothie Lip Balm

Having spent some time in Florida for the HSCG Conference, I now have tropical getaways on my mind. I keep thinking about all of the amazing wildlife we got to see and wishing there had been time to visit a beach. Alas it was not to be on this particular […]

Tropical Dreams Body Lotion

So today I did something brilliant and I must tell you all about it. Today I decided to make Taylor’s Lime Ricky Lip Balm from yesterday’s post. I tried a sample of this and I absolutely loved the flavor so I had to make some for myself. Well I ran […]

Lip Balm Jubilee!

Summer is almost here and that means I have iced drinks on my mind. Iced Tea, tall glasses of lemonade and frosty glasses of root beer. However, one of my favorite cold summer drinks is a Lime Rickey. If you are not familiar with a Lime Rickey, check out Andee’s […]

Lime Rickey Lip Balm

Today’s recipe is a Cool as a Cucumber Gardener’s Hand Scrub! As the weather starts warming up I find myself out in the garden every weekend. Pulling weeds and planting flowers and vegetables. By the end of the day my hands are so dirty, sometimes soap and water is just […]

Cool as a Cucumber Gardener’s Hand Scrub