Lip Balm Jubilee! 1

Lime Ricky Lip Balm

Lime Ricky Lip Balm

So today I did something brilliant and I must tell you all about it. Today I decided to make Taylor’s Lime Ricky Lip Balm from yesterday’s post. I tried a sample of this and I absolutely loved the flavor so I had to make some for myself. Well I ran into a problem, not only did I make some for myself, I ended up making enough to share with all of you!

As I got about halfway through the recipe I started thinking to myself, you know, this looks like a lot of material, this is going to make a ton of lip balm! Since you know I am a little new to homemade cosmetics I turned to Taylor and asked, “Am I doing this right?” She came over to look and quickly realized my scale was in ounces and the recipe I was looking at was in grams. I have to admit I can be pretty hard on myself when I make such a mistake. I’m sitting here thinking “Oh, my goodness, are you kidding me?” How could I have done that and not realized? I am such a noodle head! Thank goodness for Andee and Taylor who quickly reassured me that they had made the same mistake several times and that it is not necessarily a bad thing, but its actually a learning experience.

I ended up with a one gallon pail full of lip balm! One gallon. We are going to be making samples and sending them down to shipping! So be on the look out for a sample of Lime Ricky Lip Balm in your next order!




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One thought on “Lip Balm Jubilee!

  • Cee

    LOL Too funny! Not to worry Katy. We’ve all been there! Great story. Thanks for sharing!

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