Monthly Archives: April 2011

At our location in Nibley, we have quite the collection of critters. Muskrats, pheasants, Canada Geese, and even some cats. When we first moved into the building last year, there were several kittens that lived in the area. We began feeding the kittens in hopes that we would be able […]

Meet Sadie!

I am sure many of you know that I absolutely adore vanilla. Mnnn. It isn’t hard to see why vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor. However, I can not resist changing things up a bit. I love to blend colors, flavors and textures. I like things with excitement. While this […]

Vanilla Mint Lip Balm

Technical suport received a phone call from Fran asking for help to formulate a lotion for dry skin. She lives in Colorado so her climate is similar to ours, a high mountain area with less oxygen per cubic foot and very dry, dry air. (By the way, did I mention […]

Fran’s Avocado Oil Lotion

I know it has been a while since we have done Tea Tuesday, two weeks to be exact. I have finally gotten caught up with the requests and all notes are written with a few going out today. This fun promotion has caught the attention of a few blog relay […]

Tea Tuesday – April 12

Recently, I was asked to show how to make a batch of liquid soap that was a 100% Olive Oil batch. This batch of soap was easy to make, but definitely a learning experience during the dilution phase! Collect needed items: Ingredients Olive Oil Potassium Hydroxide Water (I used Reverse […]

Olive Oil Liquid Soap