Tea Tuesday – April 12

I know it has been a while since we have done Tea Tuesday, two weeks to be exact. I have finally gotten caught up with the requests and all notes are written with a few going out today. This fun promotion has caught the attention of a few blog relay sites and the requests went through the roof. So… while I am offering tea again today, I must tell you that I will only send it to existing MMS customers. You know who you are! If you have any doubt that I will look, please let me tell you that while I don’t process orders on a daily basis, I do know my way around a computer.

MMS Customers! Ladies and Gentlemen! Today’s tea offerings are:

  1. Blackberry Sage Black Tea
  2. Wild Blueberry Black Tea
  3. Good Hope Vanilla Rooibos Tea
  4. Pomegranate Vanilla Rooibos Tea Can I call this one: save the ta-tas tea, or would that be disrespectful?

So… you are probably wondering how you can send your address to me. It is simple. Please go to our Contact Us page and choose the Community Pursuits radio button.

Remember to choose your tea AND write your address.

Before I let you go, I want to share a wonderful comment I received from Robin:

Good Morning Tina,

Can I say wow?! I drink a lot of tea (mostly loose leaf) and this Cranberry Blood Orange tea is absolutely delicious! I was really hoping it would taste as good as it smells and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve had other cranberry teas before and I had troubles picking out the cranberries in it. The blood orange is extremely good, too. It reminds me of the trip my hubby and I took to Phoenix, AZ last year to visit friends. We picked up a bottle of blood orange olive oil from a local olive oil company. A recipe that came with it was to make brownies with the oil. The chocolate and blood orange was such a wonderful combination. But I digress.

Thank you, once again, for sending out fabulous tea samples. I know my next MMS order will be over $110 so I can get a tin of that tea!


P.S. I’m keeping the empty tea wrapper on my desk so I can sniff it throughout the day!

I thought Robin’s comments were especially thoughtful. All of the teas we have in our Gifts and Teas catalog section are able to be put on your order as a free gift. Just follow the directions and the tea will travel with your order as a free gift!

Have a great Tuesday and remember to take a few quiet moments today. Comments on this post are welcomed.

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