Monthly Archives: July 2014

We’ve been having a blast adding some new products to the catalog! I’m so excited to tell you about our newest products and I couldn’t wait for more products to be released! We have two new fragrances and another type of Tamanu Oil. Come on, let’s go talk about the […]

New Products Review!

Raspberries are ripening all throughout the valley, and that means in my spare time, I am only in one place – the berry patch. I love the sun-kissed berries bursting over my tongue, the sweet yet tangy flavors bursting in my mouth. Yummy! I have even taken to listening to […]

Soy Cuticle Jelly

I have the most fantastic news and I am so excited to finally release it! We have had this project on the burner for a while and to know it is finally done has me so excited I could burst. Are you ready? Drum roll… We have reduced our shipping […]

Shipping Alert!