Summer Fun with the Kids: Bubble Bath

The Bubble Bath Gift Kit is one of my favorite kits to mix with the kids. My kids really enjoy taking a bubble bath, no matter their ages and I love how easy it is to put together. The labels that come with this kit even provide the perfect finishing touch for these bottles of Bubble Bath! Since I’ve had gaggles of kids hanging out at my house recently, I decided that I would recruit them into help me without them knowing that they are being helpful. Sshhh! Don’t tell them!

In return for their help, I have restocked my gift closet and the kids even got to take home their own bottles of Bubble Bath. Thankfully school is starting soon because I’d like to send all these kids home!

The Bubble Bath Gift Kit comes complete with –

1 gallon of Bubble Bath Base – that’s 128 oz of bubble making fun!
20 of 8 oz frosted bottle
20 of Black Disk Top Caps
1 one gallon pump
Fragrance of your choice: Cotton Candy, Juicy Grape or Spa Mint Medley.
and Labels! Check out this link for the cute label options.

This kit only took a few minutes to put together, I emptied the 1 fl oz bottle of fragrance into the gallon jug of Bubble Bath and handed it over to the kids for mixing. Good thinking on my part, right? After letting the kids jump around the house as they shook the gallon, the fragrance and Bubble Bath were fully mixed. We placed the pump into the jug and pumped it directly into the frosted bottles, capped the containers and put the cute labels on. As we used Juicy Grape, the kids will definitely enjoy their next bath and I have some extras for all those “sudden” birthday gifts that are going to be needed soon.

I hope that you try any of the kits for the next time you need a fun project and gifts in your gift closet. They are definitely worth it!


Finished bubble bath in bottles with labels!

Finished bubble bath in bottles with labels!

Getting ready to pump base into bottle

A few bubble bath base supplies

A few bubble bath base supplies

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