Summer Fun with the Kids: Bath Salts

While I had all of our great kits and other products out, I thought that it would be fun to get the kids to help me make some bath salts. They love to have products they make for use in the shower and tub, so this is an excellent idea for bonding time as well as some fantastically easy products to use for some summertime relaxing.

I gathered some Bath Salt Tubes, salt, water soluble colors, and fragrance oil and let the kids go ahead with mixing their own bath salts with the colors and fragrances they desire. Each tube holds approximately 4 oz of salt and we measured out enough to make four tubes of each fragrance. This will allow for sharing between the kids because they always want one of what the other has! (This seems to apply to ice cream as well.)

After measuring out 16 oz of salt, we added a few drops of premixed color in at a time, mixed thoroughly until we reached our desired color, then added in 4 ml of Green Tea and Cucumber Fragrance Oil, mixed again before filling salt tubes and capping. Remember to use the Fragrance Calculator when deciding how much fragrance or essential oil to use. If you use too much, you may end up smelling and/or tasting like your favorite scent for a week! This isn’t fun for you or anybody around you!

I hope this inspires you to find some projects you can do as you enjoy your summer. If it means making things with your kids, hosting a sleepover and craft night or even hosting a ladies craft night with your friends, this project is another way you can find a bunch of giggles! Bath salts are easy, simple and fun to make. If you have any ideas for some summertime products, share your ideas in the comment section! I’d love to see what you are creating.



Adding Caps to Finished Filled Tubes


Look how pretty – purple lavender salts


Mixing color throughout the salt.


Mixing in Color


Filling Salt Tubes with Finished Salt


Adding in a bit more color.


Creating a light green for the Green Tea and Cucumber FO

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