Monthly Archives: April 2012

I have a notebook of recipes and thoughts so I am never without inspiration for a blog. So when I hit a recipe block, I turned to my trusty notebook. I find looking though that book with a pair of fresh eyes can really help. As I was browsing my […]

Mama’s Hand Therapy

Yesterday we made the Viscous Lip Gloss. It didn’t really set up and it was really clear, even after 30 minutes! Well when I came into work this morning I discovered that it had become more viscous and opaque! I guess I forgot to account for how much heat can […]

Viscous Lip Gloss – Day 2

Today I wanted to make a thick lip gloss. I wanted something that could be put in a pot and applied with a lip brush or finger. I am a big fan of thick and shiny glosses. Come join me in the kitchen as we make a thick lip gloss!  […]

Viscous Lip Gloss

The other day, I made the Summer Peach Lip Balm but I wondered if I could make the feel of the lip balm stand out and get noticed. I wanted a great lip balm. Come join me in the kitchen as we work to achieve greatness.    I wanted to […]

Peach Bubbly Lip Balm

I love peaches. As a kid my mom always had peaches in the house. Whether we had bottled them ourselves or they were fresh sitting on the counter in their fuzzy glory, we always had peaches. I remember making smoothies with peaches, yogurt, ice and maybe an orange or apple. […]

Summer Peach Lip Balm

Welcome back! Yesterday Andee featured our Argan Oil and I learned some things about Argan Oil. Did you? I loved the picture of the goats in the trees. That really made me laugh! Let’s head to the kitchen to make a foot cream with this wonderful oil!I had wanted to […]

Thick Argan Oil Foot Cream