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It was so chaotic during early December, that we temporarily postponed the Freebie Friday project so we could focus on sending orders out. As things have calmed down and we are currently on our Christmas break, I am going to give away another Freebie Friday! All comments from December are […]

Freebie Friday!

As a child I loved calendars. I would quickly read each one like a new released novel. Many holidays were marked for their religious association, but one always puzzled me. Boxing Day. Why marked for Canada and the UK? Did they have a love for boxing as a sport? Did […]

Boxing Day

When I sat down to write my blog entry for Christmas Day I had so much I wanted to cover. I wanted to tell you about Snap Day, the day I snap and just can’t wait anymore so we open our presents and have a great time. Snap Day occurs […]

A Magical Season

For my family, the Christmas season is time to spend together. We watch movies, play games, read books and generally lounge around the house. Because one can’t just lounge around the house properly in jeans, my family started a tradition of Christmas pajamas, or PJs as they are called at […]

Christmas Traditions – PJs