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As the holidays approach like a train moving full speed ahead, I find myself looking this special time for me a little differently. It will be the first time I will be so far from family for the holidays. For me the holidays have been all about family. I find […]

Christmas Traditions

We had a blast making bath bombs during our last Stocking Stuffer classes. Bath bombs are super easy to make and they also are fantastic gifts for those people that are hard to find gifts for. This is an easy recipe to follow and it is listed below. Collect needed […]

Bath Bombs – What a Blast!

Making bath salts is such a simple and easy thing to do. I enjoy adding bath salts to my tub as it adds in a great fragrance while bathing (and relaxing). I also like to make bath salts with a variety of salt sizes and leaving the scented salts in […]

Making Bath Salts!

To finish up our perfect hand repair kit, I wanted to make an intense cuticle cream. I have noticed that with all of the contact with paper, my cuticles are really hard and dry. I wanted a product the would help soften and protect the skin around the nails. If […]

Intense Cuticle Cream

Yesterday we made our intense hand treatment. As nice as it is, the cream is not something you can apply in the middle of the day and then go back to work. I wanted to make an ultra-light lotion that could be applied without making the phone, keyboard and paper […]

Light Daily Hand Lotion

Yesterday we made a sugar scrub to exfoliate the hands, making any subsequent treatments more effective. Today I wanted to make a product that would be applied to the hands then the hands are covered with gloves then wrapped in warm towels. This is often done for pedicures and manicures, […]

Warm Cream Hand Treatment

Classes are now in the last push for finals for me here in Beijing. I am loving my classes and all that I am learning. I have been so busy it is incredible. We write the Chinese characters over and over and over again. I probably write over two thousand […]

Perfect Hands Kit Prelude

I wanted to make a body cream using Shea Butter that followed the KISS method (Keep it simple, Sue). I enjoy using body creams that feel nice on the skin and yet don’t require extra applications as the day progresses. This body cream was the result of my formulating. Let’s […]

Light Shea Butter Body Cream