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OnAirMic At the end of November, I ruminated about the closure of the Hostess Brands company. In that post, I also talked about shopping to support small businesses and local economies. Even after writing that post, I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind about shopping and showing support for small and/or local. That brings me to the purpose of today’s request!

I would like to hear from you for this new project that I want to tackle! I want to feature you, our customers, and your companies here on our blog. How am I going to do this? I am going to request nominations from you! You can nominate yourself, a spouse, friend or fellow crafter/business . Simply send me a message through our Contact Us form and include the following information; Name of person to contact, contact e-mail, Business name, business site or blog (Etsy, ArtFire and other similar shops are welcome!), and your reason for nomination (not required, but helpful). Once I receive your messages, I’ll begin correspondence to interview you! I will release these Special Crafter Features once or twice a week (depending on how many nominations I receive).

I’m not going to just stop at customer and company features either! Have a special charity project that you are working on or are supporting? I’ll even write features about the charity projects that are close to your hearts! Again, submit your charity project nominations to me by message through our Contact Us form. Please include the name of the charity project, a website and why you support the project (or why it is so close to your heart)! I will release these Special Charity Features in a manner similar to the Special Crafter Features.

Let the features come in so we can support small businesses, local economies and causes that are dear to us!

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