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When I sat down to write my blog entry for Christmas Day I had so much I wanted to cover. I wanted to tell you about Snap Day, the day I snap and just can’t wait anymore so we open our presents and have a great time. Snap Day occurs somewhere between the 3rd and 17th each year.

I wanted to tell you more about pj shopping and the years my trusty sewing machine and I made more than 25 pairs of lounge wear. Wow! We were a team.

I also wanted to tell you about MMS closing for the holidays so we could bake cookies with our kids. Early December often had us working 7 days a week to keep up with orders. We have put in place procedures to make us more efficient now. But we still wanted to be moms, at least I did. I found baking cookies and decorating a tree made me more calm. Remember, presents have been opened and no more shopping will happen.

I wanted to tell you about how the days have lost their sunshine because I go to work in the dark and head home in the dark. The Winter Solstice is my special day knowing the Earth is starting her process of renewal. From here our days get brighter and seed catalogs fill our mailbox. My hope for this special day is to have a snow storm that brings enough snow to make fresh snow angels, and possibly a snowman. Snow angels are required. How can one remain stressed or grumpy after making a snow angel? It is impossible! I like to watch the snow fall and plan some hot cocoa or tea. I know life will be good.

I wanted to tell you about spaghetti and meatballs on Christmas Eve, from one working mom to another. Claris made spaghetti sauce to simmer all day so she could finish work at the drug store where she was needed. I feel like this hard working woman gave me a gift by teaching me that a good meal doesn’t need to be expensive or take hours upon hours of dedicated time. Thank you, Claris.

I wanted to tell you about Christmas Day and how we all wear our new pjs, play games and just lounge the day away. Our family gifts have long been opened and we share this day over game boards and not keyboards. Breakfast is always grits, eggs, bacon and ebelskivers, a combination of foods from our heritage.

Most of all, I want to tell you THANK YOU! You’ve read our blogs, made our recipes, ordered from our catalog and maybe even called us on the phone. You are a vital part of this holiday tradition and without our customers Christmas would not be the same.

May you have perfect batches, warm hugs, juicy kisses, tears of joy, and peace in your life. I can’t think of any better gift to give to you. Except, one last THANK YOU!

With cheers!


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