Monthly Archives: January 2011

Have you ever been asked to share your phone number, address or other contact information and had your mind go blank?  After all, you don’t call YOURSELF!  The same thing happens around the global every minute, so don’t feel like you are alone.  You might feel like you need your […]

What’s my phone number?

I found an article about University of Washington students created a way to determine if drinking water is correctly sterilized for drinking.  I’ve giving you a few links to read and watch. My first link is to PC World but some of their links were broken or didn’t result in […]

Water and Sun are Wonderful!

I was reading a few news sites and came up with a few things I would like to share. FoxNews had a report of 7 ways to Avoid the Winter Funk. You can read the article for yourself here: 7 Ways to Avoid. I found the report interesting and I […]

Winter Amazing