Water and Sun are Wonderful! 2

I found an article about University of Washington students created a way to determine if drinking water is correctly sterilized for drinking.  I’ve giving you a few links to read and watch. My first link is to PC World but some of their links were broken or didn’t result in what I felt made a better article. Great picture though!

I loved the quick text and VIDEO on King5.com regarding this device and the students who created it.

The official site of the invention and inventors is PotaVida.org. You can read more there.

I hope they get these produced soon. What a wonderful gift to the whole world!

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2 thoughts on “Water and Sun are Wonderful!

  • Andee

    How cool is this! Is it totally geeky of me to want to get my paws on one of these? I just want to “Oooo” and “Aahhh” over it and try to figure out how it works.

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  • Taylor

    It definitely is not geeky. I think it would be super cool. I think it would be interesting
    to learn about the quality of water from different sources locally. What a great activity
    to do with kids.

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