What’s my phone number?

Have you ever been asked to share your phone number, address or other contact information and had your mind go blank?  After all, you don’t call YOURSELF!  The same thing happens around the global every minute, so don’t feel like you are alone.  You might feel like you need your morning coffee just to be alert enough to make the morning coffee!

Here are some thoughts we can share to make your day seem calmer and less chaotic.

Stop. Breathe. Review.

Why do we mention this? Most often it is because we receive daily returns of email order confirmations. What does this mean? It means that some soul out there doesn’t get an email confirmation of their order with Majestic Mountain Sage. ACK! It is also a daily event to get a phone call from someone saying “Would you review what is on my order? I didn’t get an email confirmation and I didn’t print a copy either.” The order could have been placed 10 minutes ago or 2 days ago, it doesn’t matter because the results are the same: Life is so chaotic we can’t remember the last time we were able to….. complete a thought.

So, before you decide to get an IV hookup to administer caffeine all day long, let’s find a way to reduce your stress and daily clutter.

This means turn off the TV, hang up the phone, answer the children and close the door for 1 minute of silence before you make any decision or click “submit.”

This means focus on your breathing and allow your mind to slow. Our brains can out-think computers if we give them a chance.

This means double check your triple checks. Say your shipping/billing/email address one character at a time. You will catch the times you write sbcglboal.net instead of sbcglobal.net, comcast.com instead of comcast.net, ao;.com instead of aol.com.

If you need a cup of tea to go along with these suggestions, send me a note through the Contact Us page and select Community Pursuits. Send your address and the types of teas you like (if you have a preference) and we’ll send you a tea packet from our collection, a MMS note card, and our own postage cancellation. It will be a surprise for your mailbox! You can send in the address for a friend and we’ll send her a tea bag and a note (tell us what to write in your message or we’ll create a message on our own).

Your address will only be used for this purpose and then deleted from our email so don’t think you will get junk mail thereafter because we sold your data. We don’t do that.

To prevent a misunderstanding or inadvertent posting of your address, I am going to close comments on this post.

Enjoy the calm and the tea!

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