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A while ago, our blog team was asked to make a milk soap that was scented with Raspberry Fragrance Oil. This blog post covers my adventure while making this soap. Collect needed items: Ingredients Sweet Almond Oil Coconut Oil Palm Oil Shea Butter Sunflower Oil Sodium Hydroxide Water Milk Raspberry […]

Raspberry Milk Soap

According to the dictionary, Castile is a former kingdom comprising most of current day Spain. There is a special soap variety that originated in the Castile region called … (any guesses) Castile soap. This soap only uses olive oil and sodium hydroxide. This soap was originally made because there was […]

Castile Soap

Since the mornings have been a little chilly lately, I’ve been drinking a fair amount of coffee to help jump start my mornings. As I was making my morning cup of coffee, I couldn’t help but wish that I could start my mornings just a little earlier. I’ll bet you […]

Coffee Soap

I’ve been playing around with a different swirling method to see if I could do something different. I struggled with putting this idea to work, but I had a very strong hunch that I was on the right track and I just needed to adjust some things. After three batches […]

Dreaming in Purple Soap

I’ve had so much fun writing the last three posts about Halloween themed soaps with silicone baking pans and ice cube trays. These soaps are just the tip of the iceberg for Halloween themed soaps that you can make. Now, I have a challenge. Can you find a Halloween themed […]

Halloween Soap Mold Challenge

Yesterday, we made some very realistic looking soap dentures and we are going to round out our creepy soap collection by making soap that looks just like miniature brains. Collect needed items: Ingredients Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base (We will use white) Black Onyx Dry Color Purple Raspberry Dry […]

Ewww! Brain Soaps

Wow! The reviews I received were fantastic. I received several reviews from three people and I have to share my favorite reviews with you! Freckles Review from Crystal I did receive samples of most of the new fragrances. Being one of I am sure very few people who are not […]

Fragrance Review Winners

On Friday I showed you how to make the best looking Jack-o-Lantern soaps and today, we will continue our Halloween themed soaps by making soaps that look just like some dentures! Collect needed items: Ingredients Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base (We will use white) Black Onyx Dry Color Purple […]

Just Soap Dentures