Fragrance Review Winners

Wow! The reviews I received were fantastic. I received several reviews from three people and I have to share my favorite reviews with you!

Freckles Review from Crystal
I did receive samples of most of the new fragrances. Being one of I am sure very few people who are not Twilight Fans, the new scents were good, but I could not come up with a way to incorporate them into my line of products. I moved on, I really like Mardi Gras, Wink, and 21. Love Fresh Saki, but I am gearing up for those holiday sales, so you have to stick with the tried and true right now. However….FRECKLES, won my heart. This fragrance brings to mind all of those sunkissed noses of summer, with smiles as big as the Rocky Mountains. The kids playing chase and staying outside way past bedtime. Followed by giggles and sheer laughter under the covers reading stories by flashlight, as they just do not want the day to end.

For one of my nieces birthday my sister borrowed Freckles to make a lotion, it has since become a family favorite and widely requested. Can not wait for that soap to finish curing!

Mardi Gras Review from Pat
I used the Mardi Gras in a bottle of lotion that I gave to a friend that only uses high end bath & body products. She was amazed that you have a scent that is so inviting and polished. She has requested that I have my sister make her some soap to match the lotion. I think this speaks highly of your fragrance team!

Freckles Review from Cee
Rich buttery, sugary, creamy, fun vanilla fragrance that makes you grin as soon as you open the bottle. If you’re wondering what this scent smells like, think of the candy corn that is popular at Halloween or a butterscotch sundae! YUM! I can see a white/yellow/orange layered soap in my future made with this scent, and candles to match!

Black Amethyst Review from Cee
Elegant, intelligent, subtle unisex scent that smells like Merlot wine and Gray Flannel Aftershave. Fruity fragrance that mellows out with a bit of a musky bite, just like a good red wine.

Mardi Gras Review from Cee
This is a strong, in-your-face scent. Funeral? No. Dancing in the streets? Yes! If you like fragrances that linger in the bathroom long after youve had your morning shower, this is it! Just like Mardi Gras, it is loud, fun, and goes on for days!

Congratulations to Crystal, Pat and Cee! You are now proud owners of new digital scales. I will be contacting you shortly for an address to ship your scale.


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