Ewww! Brain Soaps

Yesterday, we made some very realistic looking soap dentures and we are going to round out our creepy soap collection by making soap that looks just like miniature brains.

Collect needed items:

Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base (We will use white)
Black Onyx Dry Color
Purple Raspberry Dry Color
Liquid Glycerin
Fragrance (Optional)
Glass Beakers for melted soap
Soap Spoon
1 oz Dropper Bottles
Transfer Pipettes
Measuring Spoons
a 4 cavity Brain Freeze mold from Fred & Friends
Spray bottle filled with Rubbing Alcohol (70% or 91%)
Micro Spatula, small Dental pick or fine sculpture tool(if needed)

To make these soaps, I did need to do some work just to prepare the colors I would use. I mixed the Black Onyx Dry color with Liquid Glycerin and then mixed well. From now on, I will refer to this as Liquid Black Onyx color. I also created 1 ounce bottles of extra concentrated color by putting 1 teaspoon of the Purple Raspberry Dry Color in a bottle and then topping the bottle off with water. In the rest of the tutorial, I will refer to this as Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry. I set the colors aside after mixing for 24 hours before using to make sure there were not any clumps before using these colors.

Melt about 5 ounces of white Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base. This will be the soap we will use for the brains. Once the soap is completely melted, I added about 5 drops of Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry and 1/4 teaspoon of Liquid Black Onyx color. This helped achieve the purplish pink color that I desired for the brain.

Spritz each mold with Rubbing Alcohol before filling to prevent any air bubbles on the exterior of the brain. Gently fill the mold with the soap and repeat until all four cavities have been filled. Spritz with alcohol to remove any bubbles. Allow the soap to cool completely before removing from the mold. I left the soap in the mold for about 2 hours while I worked on other projects before un-molding the brains.

These brains will pop out very easily if you pull on the top edges of the mold to allow air around the soap and then push on the top of the mold to force the soap brain out of the mold. Be forewarned! These soap brains do like to bounce across the counters!

You can leave the brains as they are now, or you can add some fun detail to make them look even more realistic. Simply take a small paintbrush and some of the Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry and then paint the crevices of the brain with the dye. It will stain the soap and yet easily wash off hands.

Presto! You now have 4 little brains to use as soap and gift to various friends and family. I think this would be a perfect gift to any college student to remind them to keep their minds on school or even a pre-med student for giggles and grins.

Don’t be limited by making the brains simply normal looking, make them any color you want!



Completely cooled soap brains.

Coloring the soap.

Filling the ice cube tray.

The tray is almost completely filled.

Getting ready to paint the soap brain.

Painting the soap brain.

Completely finished soap brain.

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