Raspberry Milk Soap

A while ago, our blog team was asked to make a milk soap that was scented with Raspberry Fragrance Oil. This blog post covers my adventure while making this soap.

Collect needed items:

Sweet Almond Oil
Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Shea Butter
Sunflower Oil
Sodium Hydroxide
Raspberry Fragrance Oil
Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry (From the Halloween Soap Series)
Amethyst Pink Dry Color mixed with Liquid Glycerin (Liquid Amethyst Pink Color)
Soap Spoon
Immersion Blender
Time spent:
Weighing time: 8 minutes
Adding lye to water: 15 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of stirring
Heating of oils time: 90 seconds
Pouring lye solution into the fat mixture: 15 seconds
Using immersion blender to mix soap solution: 90 seconds
Adding Raspberry Fragrance and mixing well: 30 seconds
Pour into mold: 10 seconds
Allow soap to rest: 24 hours
Recipe in ounces:
4 oz Sweet Almond Oil
8 oz Coconut Oil
8 oz Palm Oil
4 oz Shea Butter
8 oz Sunflower Oil

4.48 oz Sodium Hydroxide
6 oz Water
6 oz Milk

0.56 oz Raspberry Fragrance Oil
qs Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry OR qs Liquid Amethyst Pink Color

Measure fixed oils on your scale. Warm the fixed oils on the stove or in the microwave. I melted the oils in the microwave. Add sodium hydroxide to the water. Mix well. Weigh the Raspberry Fragrance Oil and set aside. Measure the milk and set aside.

Combine oils and lye solution. Mix until thin trace. Upon light trace, add the Raspberry Fragrance Oil, milk and color and mix well after each addition. Pour soap into the desired mold I used a different style of the Guerrilla Mold from Dirk’s post. Allow to sit until soap is firm.

The next morning cut into bars. Stack to allow good air circulation. Allow to cure for several days before using. Longer curing will result in a harder bar.

This particular batch of soap was a complete educational experience for me. I had forgotten that milk soaps do better when poured shallowly, so I poured my milk soaps into a wooden mold that is deep. Whoops! I swear I know better!

Other than my mold choice, this soap proceeded as expected. I knew that I was trying to obtain a raspberry colored soap, so I decided to use the Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry to color my soap. When I added my Raspberry Fragrance Oil to the raw soap, the raw soap turned a vibrant yellow color and I knew that coloring with a dye would not be possible. Sure as shootin’, the soap turned a pretty orange color and stayed that way all the way to the mold.

I made the batch again so I could try to color the soap a raspberry color and I used the Liquid Amethyst Pink Color instead. This time the soap turned an orange-ish pink in color.

After I poured both soaps into the mold, I set them aside and proceeded to make another batch of soap and then clean the kitchen. After I was finished cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that my second batch of Raspberry milk soap had separated. I grabbed my immersion blender and the whisk attachment for it. I blended it using the whisk until the soap was completely mixed. As the other soap looked fine, I left it alone.

After the soaps had set for 24 hours, I pulled them out of the molds and that was when I learned my first batch had separated as well. Grrrr! Oh well, at least this means that tomorrow I can show you how to re-batch a soap.

Finished soap.

Lye solution, milk, and fragrance.

Adding the lye solution to the melted oils.

Mixing lye solution and oils together.

Adding milk to the raw soap.

Mixing the milk into the raw soap.

Raw soap after adding the fragrance.

Adding the Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry.

Raw soap colored with Liquid Amethyst Pink.

The bottom (Amethyst Pink) has separated on top.

Immediately after slicing the Amethyst Pink soap.

Raspberry soap colored with Concentrated Liquid Purple Raspberry.

Raspberry Milk soaps in a mold.

After stirring the Amethyst Pink soap.

Three minutes after slicing the Amethyst Pink soap.

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