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Finished Lip Balm 4
I hate it when my lips are rough and dry. This luscious lip crème creates wonderful soft lips. Goodbye dry, rough lips. Hello Honey Flavored a la Lip Crème! I love this crème not only for the texture but also for the flavor. Yummy! Who doesn’t like a little bit […]

Honey Flavored a la Lip Crème

Finished Lip Balm 16
Ohh! Just this recipe’s name perks my interest. This is a fabulous recipe. It is a firm but easily applied lip balm. It smells wonderful. I love honey and this recipe is right up my alley because it contains honey! I can already hear the questions. Wait! Doesn’t honey contain […]

Honey a la Lip Creme

Collecting Ingredients 4
Do you have one or two lip glosses that you hoard for that perfect flavor and texture? Let’s add one more to your stash. The great thing is with this one you can always make more! Yeah! I always seem to return back to this recipe. This firm but silky […]

Vanilla Twist Lip Gloss

After staring at a jar of the Virgin Coconut Oil that has been sitting on my desk for the past 2 weeks, I finally found a fantastic use for this yummy smelling oil. Lip Balm! This recipe that I formulated stays on the lips and gives a nice smooth glossy […]

Sweet Coconut Lip Balm