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This recipe is the lotion recipe I described yesterday in my conversion disaster. I promise I am giving you a smaller batch than I made originally. This lotion is a thicker lotion and very creamy when being applied. When finished applying, this lotion has a fabulous silky finish. I hope […]

Learning Curve Lotion

I love scrubs; salt, sugar, etc. I think they are great. I am always trying one new scrub or another. Here is a fantastic recipe we just tested. I hope you try it and tell me what you think. Equipment Bowl Spoon Scale Transfer Pipettes Containers for Finished Product Here […]

Raspberry Salt Scrub

I love citrus scented soaps and one can typically be found at my kitchen sink. I was making lemonade the other day and zippy, refreshing scent of lemons reminded me to think about making soap again. Then I started wondering if I could make a lemon soap and include the […]

Lemon Zest Soap

I had been asked to make a cologne for a pre-teen boy and for a while I struggled to create a blend that wasn’t overwhelming OR inappropriate for his age. After searching for ideas of blends and testing various blends until my nose hurt, I re-discovered a scent blend in […]

Making Cologne for Pre-Teens

Yesterday was a new product release day. You may be asking what was released. We released fragrances, containers, shrink bands and a new Lip Solutions! Here is a little review of the latest new products. Alice Fragrance Oil: We’ve added another fun fragrance to our Twilight collection. This fragrance is […]

New Catalog Releases!