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Merry Christmas! We hope you have a wonderful day and if you need to travel, please travel safely. Enjoy your day and we will see you back in the New Year! Our first day of work in 2010 will be January 4th! UPS and USPS are closed. No deliveries will […]

Merry Christmas

Mary’s Elbow Cream is similar to Tina’s Lanolin Butter in the fact that they both were created as heavy salves for rough skin. What is the difference? The Tina’s Lanolin Butter has Liquid Glycerin in it, which is water soluble. The Glycerin means that the Tina’s Lanolin Butter is an […]

Mary’s Elbow Cream

Recently we added Acai Butter to our catalog, and we have received several questions about what products can be made with this fun butter. Our response? Use it anywhere you would use other similar butters such as Shea, Mango, Almond or Olive Butters. Today, I’ll show you how to make […]

Lotion Bar with Acai Butter

Yesterday, I made the Spa-erific Salt Scrub as a gift jar and I promised that we would make the Winter Survival Sugar Scrub today. Collect needed items for the Winter Survival Sugar Scrub: Ingredients White Sugar Brown Sugar Sunflower Oil Liquid Glycerin Colorless Jojoba Oil Satsuma Fragrance Oil Honey Almond […]

Mix Your Own Scrub Gift Jars, Part 2

Do you know anyone that has rough and chapped hands or feet? Every winter, I can guarantee if I don’t take care of my hands, they will become so rough that I’m more likely to have my hands catch on jackets and that always HURTS! I love this formulation as […]

Tina’s Lanolin Butter

I had so much fun making this lip balm, I forgot to take pictures for my first six batches! This lip balm is a wonderful, non-fractionating type for the pocket. This is a lightly flavored lip balm. My intention was to have a smooth, buttery lip balm that kept a […]

Macadamia Lip Balm

Macadamia nuts are plentiful on Oahu. A ripe, harvested nut looks like this: The crack open this nut, Mother Nature has given you a hint: look for the small white-ish dot and apply pressure there. Special nut crackers can be used or a direct hit with a hammer will work. […]

Macadamia Nuts