Mary’s Elbow Cream 3

Mary’s Elbow Cream is similar to Tina’s Lanolin Butter in the fact that they both were created as heavy salves for rough skin. What is the difference? The Tina’s Lanolin Butter has Liquid Glycerin in it, which is water soluble. The Glycerin means that the Tina’s Lanolin Butter is an emulsified product. Mary’s Elbow Cream does not have any water soluble ingredients, so it is anhydrous mixture (meaning there is no water in the mixture).

Collect needed items:

Cranberry Seed Oil
Shea Butter, Unrefined
Olive Oil
Castor Oil
Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil
Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
Microwave safe container for weighing ingredients
Transfer Pipettes
Containers for the finished products (I’m using the 10 mL Lip Balm Jars.)


Recipe in ounces
0.35 ounces Beeswax
0.71 ounces Cranberry Seed Oil
1.76 ounces Shea Butter, Unrefined
0.35 ounces Olive Oil
0.32 ounces Castor Oil
0.02 ounces Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil
0.02 ounces Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
Recipe in grams
10 grams Beeswax
20 grams Cranberry Seed Oil
50 grams Shea Butter, Unrefined
10 grams Olive Oil
9 grams Castor Oil
0.5 grams Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil
0.5 grams Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
Recipe in Percentages
10% Beeswax
20% Cranberry Seed Oil
50% Shea Butter, Unrefined
10% Olive Oil
9% Castor Oil
0.5% Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil
0.5% avender 40/42 Essential Oil

Weigh all ingredients into your microwave safe container. Microwave using short bursts of time, stirring every 20 to 30 seconds until all the ingredients have been melted. Do NOT microwave until the mixture is completely liquid as the mixture will be too hot to handle. The Beeswax will be the last ingredient to melt and if you are patient, simply stirring will melt the Beeswax. Pour into your containers and allow to cool. Try to not move the containers much until the cream has set to prevent accidental messes.

Unlike the Tina’s Lanolin Butter, this recipe is suitable for Lotion Bar Tubes. It does melt at normal body temperature, so this can be massaged into your skin easily.

Definition of Anhydrous: Not containing water.

Merry Christmas!


Collect needed supplies.

Collect needed supplies.

Weigh all the ingredients.

Weigh all the ingredients.

Melted ingredients.

Melted ingredients.

10 mL jars filled with the cooling cream.

10 mL jars filled with the cooling cream.

Cooled cream on my finger.

Cooled cream on my finger.

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3 thoughts on “Mary’s Elbow Cream

  • Zany

    I must have looked at “Mary’s Elbow Cream” in the RECIPES section a hundred times over the years and never made it. Thanks for doing this, Andee. What does the Cranberry Seed Oil do that other oils don’t? I’m thinking of subbing emu oil or red raspberry seed oil. I have those on hand.

    THANKS! Cee

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    • Andee Post author

      This recipe was created to highlight the Cranberry Seed Oil, which contains fair amounts of both Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, naturally occurring tocopherols, and high unsaturated profile. (All of which is fantastic for helping skin stay moisturized.) I think to use a different oil, Red Raspberry Seed would be my first choice for its Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, naturally occurring tocopherols and noted moisturizing capabilities. (The UV-A and UV-B blocking capabilities are also a plus.


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  • silviaa

    I received a sample of this product in a recent purchase from The Sage. It is wonderful! I love the smell and the texture.

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