Today I made another 6 batches of soap using the same recipe as Monday. I did these batches completely on my own without assistance. I felt a little more confident in my skills and took my time. Soap making requires more patience than making a batch of lotion or lip […]

Soapmaking On My Own

Today is the day! I am going to figure out this troublesome formula one way or another! Today I am going to trade the amounts of White Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil used on Day 2 so that there is a larger percentage of brittle oils in the recipe. Ingredients […]

Candy Corn Lip Balm Day 3

Today we are going to be working on changing the formula to firm up the lip balm. I am going to try to achieve this by taking out the Hemp Butter and using White Cocoa Butter instead. Part of my problem is that there are too many soft oils in […]

Candy Corn Lip Balm Day 2

Here we are with another fun Halloween recipe! This blog is inspired by some of my favorite Halloween memories as a child. I always enjoyed going out trick-or-treating and getting gobs of candy in my little bag. Then I would go home and dump out my bag and sort through […]

Candy Corn Lip Balm Day 1

Today I have a fantastic recipe for everyone. It is so easy that even I did it right the first time! I am not a baker by nature, I am a cook, and I tend to have issues with killing yeast in my breads. This recipe does not contain yeast. […]

Irish Soda Bread

This year I am so excited about Halloween! My little one is 3 years old now and is really starting to grasp the meaning of birthdays and holidays. I can’t wait to take her trick-or-treating this year!In the spirit of Halloween I decided to come up with a fun lip […]

Zombie Lip Balm

This is the last day of my Bottoms Up study. If you have been following along, I hope that you have been learning how to tweak and test your formulas (whatever they may be) to get the product that you want. I went crazy and added more ingredients today to […]

Bottoms Up Day 5