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This year I am so excited about Halloween! My little one is 3 years old now and is really starting to grasp the meaning of birthdays and holidays. I can’t wait to take her trick-or-treating this year!In the spirit of Halloween I decided to come up with a fun lip balm. Zombie Lip Balm is about fun and function. One question that I get asked all the time is how to put some sparkle into lip balm. One way is to use iridescent glitter. This can get gritty and is usually meant for younger girls. I used Silver Mica because it is a great way to add some shimmer in an elegant way that women can enjoy too. This recipe can also be used year round without the color and shimmer, as it is very moisturizing. Let’s make this together!


Palm Oil
Mango Butter
White Cocoa Butter
Castor Oil
Black Currant Oil
Black Lip Balm Color
Silver Mica


Microwave Safe Container
1.5 cc Scoop

Recipe: 100 grams or 3.53 ounces.

Recipe in Grams

20 grams Beeswax
15 grams Palm Oil
10 grams Mango Butter
15 grams White Cocoa Butter
20 grams Castor Oil
20 grams Black Currant Oil
small amount of Black Lip Balm Color
4 scoops Silver Mica

Recipe in Ounces

0.71 ounces Beeswax
0.53 ounces Palm Oil
0.35 ounces Mango Butter
0.53 ounces White Cocoa Butter
0.71 ounces Castor Oil
0.71 ounces Black Currant Oil
small amount of Black Lip Balm Color
4 scoops Silver Mica

Recipe in Percentages

20% Beeswax
15% Palm Oil
10% Mango Butter
15% White Cocoa Butter
20% Castor Oil
20% Black Currant Oil
q.s. Black Lip Balm Color
q.s. Silver Mica


Carefully weigh ingredients in a microwave-safe container. Do not add any color yet. Microwave in short bursts, stirring in between. Be careful not to overheat. Add 1 small toothpick amount of the Black Lip Balm Color. This amount and is not exact. The amount used in this recipe did not tint the lips. Using the 1.5 cc Scoop, add 4 scoops of Silver Mica. Again, this can vary depending on the desired amount of shimmer. Stir well. Pour into jars or tubes. Cap when cooled and solidified. This recipe will fill approximately 37 Baby Lip Balm Jars.

This recipe was very popular among the staff. It has a very creamy feeling on the lips but is tacky enough to keep the shimmer from the Silver Mica on the lips. I used a light amount of Silver Mica, but you may add up to 2 teaspoons in a 100 gram batch. Make sure you plate test in gradual amounts before adding in the entire 2 teaspoons to find the right amount of shimmer for you. Have fun trying out this recipe!


2019 Editor Note:

Black Currant Oil has been discontinued since this recipe was released, but you can use other liquid oils like Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, or Hemp Oil.

Finished jars of Zombie Lip Balm.

Weighing the fixed oils.

Adding the Black Lip Balm Color.

Adding the Silver Mica.

The Zombie Lip Balm is ready to pour into jars.

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10 thoughts on “Zombie Lip Balm

  • Sarah G.

    I love this idea! My daughter is a fan of anything with sparkle (who isn’t) so I think we’ll be making this in the future!

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    • Joy

      Your comment made me giggle. I am glad that someone gets this blog idea.


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  • Kinky Witch

    I keep forgetting to use my micas in lip balm, not just soap. Love the name and idea of this lip balm!

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  • LuAnn

    My daughter and I were just discussing how to add some sparkle to our lip balm, without using glitter that cuts up your lips. This is a great idea, and I actually have all the ingredients for it, thanks to the order I just received!!

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  • Leilani

    I just got one of these with my order (squeal!) I have a question though. How do you get such nice looking labels for small batches? Do you print them yourselves? If so, what kind of printer do you use?

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    • Joy

      We have a graphics department that prints labels for the blog. They are awesome! The labels are vinyl and waterproof. As for our printer, well, let me just say that Staples doesn’t sell this kind of printer. If you are interested in these labels for purchase email info@thesage.com and we will get you in touch with our graphics department.

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  • Ali

    I just received one with my order! I really REALLY like it! Thanks so much for such a fun surprise!

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