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Today I have a really fun Room Spray for you! I have had a lot of questions lately about how to make up a room spray or body spray. A great product to use is Cyclomethicone! It is a dry oil spray that dries on the skin quickly and leaves little residue behind. It washes out easily in the washing machine and carries the scent really well. Oh, and did I mention that it is alcohol free?I was in the warehouse while someone was pouring bottles of Enchanted Apple recently. I had not had the opportunity to smell this fragrance before and I fell in love with it. Then I started thinking of how to tie the scent to Halloween. I instantly thought of the Queen in Snow White. I can imagine her having a spicy apple scent in her castle. After all she did give Snow White the poison apple to eat!

Enchanted Apple is a sweet, candy apple fragrance. I wanted to make it a little bit spicy so I blended it with Apple Jack to it to make a wonderful fall scent. It is almost like smelling hot apple cider. Let’s make this together!

Enchanted Apple Fragrance Oil
Apple Jack Fragrance Oil
Glass Beaker or
Pyrex Measuring Cup

Fragrance Oil Blend

Recipe in Grams
4 grams Enchanted Apple Fragrance Oil
1 gram Apple Jack Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
0.14 ounces Enchanted Apple Fragrance Oil
0.04 ounces Apple Jack Fragrance Oil

Recipe: Yields 1 ounce or 28.35 grams.

Recipe in Grams
27.35 grams Cyclomethicone
1 gram Fragrance Oil Blend
Recipe in Ounces
0.96 ounces Cyclomethicone
0.04 ounces Fragrance Oil Blend
Recipe in Percentages
97.16% Cyclomethicone
2.84% Fragrance Oil Blend

Weigh the Enchanted Apple and Apple Jack Fragrance Oils into a glass beaker or Pyrex measuring cup for the Fragrance Oil Blend. Add 1 gram of the Fragrance Oil blend directly into spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with Cyclomethicone. Be careful not to overfill. Cap and shake.

We used the 1 ounce PET bottles with the black 20 mm spray head. This can easily be converted into larger bottles. If the percentage rate of Fragrance Oil blend seems too strong then start with 1% and go from there. I was not very exact when I measured out the Cyclomethicone. I knew I would be making up a lot of blog samples so I poured the Cyclomethicone into a glass beaker. This assists with easy pouring and less mess. A Pyrex measuring cup works just as well.

Cyclomethicone can be used for room sprays, linen sprays, and body sprays. The amount of fragrance is up to you. If you put an essential oil in the room spray you may want to start out with 0.5% since spice and mint oils tend to be very strong. The amount of scent is up to you. If you really like things stinky you can go up to 10% with Fragrance Oils. Wow! Please be aware that not all of our fragrances are compatible with Cyclomethicone. Our catalog states under many of the fragrances we carry whether or not it is compatible. If you choose a fragrance that is not listed either way, please do a test batch. Combine the fragrance with the Cyclomethicone and give it a good shake. Let it set for an hour or so. If you see settling and separation of the Fragrance Oil and Cyclomethicone then it is not compatible. A compatible fragrance will stay blended with the Cyclomethicone.

You can also use Everclear or Vodka instead of Cyclomethicone as a base for these sprays. Alcohol cannot be shipped on an airplane so be wary if you mail this to friends or family. What kind of scents would you combine for a room spray?


Finished Wicked Witch Room Spray.

Weighing the fragrance oils.

Adding the Cyclomethicone to the fragrance oils.

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12 thoughts on “Wicked Witch Room Spray

  • Ana B

    I love having a Christmas Tree fragrance for winter! I need to make notes on the percentage ratios of fragrance to cyclomethicone ~ I keep forgetting! So, thank you for the reminder!!

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    • AMBER H

      Try Christmas Tree with Cedar Wood and Sage Essential oils. It is yummy! The Cedar wood is great for summer It helps keep flies and misquotes out of your house!

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      Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  • Jennifer Gale

    Oh, this sounds wonderful! I’ve been thinking about a fall, apple-cidery scent.

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  • Neal

    Great idea.. never thought of using cyclomethicone exclusively as carrier component. I use cyclomethicone along with a fragrance fixative. My customers seem to love your Pluot FO in room sprays.

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  • birdies

    I use peppermint and tea tree essential oils
    for the bathroom…..smells fresh.
    Orange and vanilla for “monster” spray
    for the grandkids.

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  • MyFourGirls

    Prefect idea for the holidays I would try to find a fragrance similar to Yankee Candles Christmas candles. I love the smell of Christmas trees, but what is this cyclomethicone. I use Everclear now for my own use in room sprays. Thank you. Oh and now nice to see Ann Marie from Brambleberry comment on your blog. This shows me how large and small the Soap Community is. Confirms my choice of my new business adventure will be successful!

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